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Are Boy Or Girl Yorkies Better?

Yorkies are naturally born affectionate, energetic, and playful. That is why there’s no question why they are one of the most loved dogs. Originated in the county of Northern England, Yorkie has also gained its popularity when it first introduced in North America in 1872. That was the beginning of yYorkiesdynasty around the world.

Are boy or girl Yorkies better? Male Yorkies are said to be better than girls. It is because male Yorkies are less moody than their counterpart. Although both girl and boy Yorkies have the same sweetness and affection, it doesn’t remove the fact that boys are better than girls.

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As you continue to read, you will learn that Yorkies have different behavior, and that makes them unique from each other. This article will make you realized that tough that even animals have different characteristics too.

Different Behavior

We all know that every dog has different behavior that needs to be addressed, especially when you’re a first-time pet owner. By understanding each of these, you will be able to learn that it is not their way of being hard-headed, and it needed to have a  proper approach.


As said, both gender has the same level when it comes to being affectionate and sweet, but male Yorkie has fewer mood swings. Female Yorkies have hormonal changes because of its so-called Heat Cycle, that’s when the time that it affects their moods. You’ve read it right, Yorkie dogs experience moods swings too just like female humans, especially when they have a monthly period. When this cycle comes especially when they are in a nesting period, there’s a tendency that they want to be alone.

Girl Yorkies are also said to be more sensitive and moody, and that means that they want your affection and care even more. They are more aloof towards others than before. Try to be more understandable and know that this kind of characteristic is normal for girl Yorkies.

Behavior Towards Training

When it comes to training your Yorkie dogs,  both gender will have the same rate of success, especially when trained well. However, boy Yorkies have a trait that would want their owners to feel that they are more likely to establish themselves as the pack leader. With this, they can be dominant and disobedient at the same time but don’t worry as you can still manage this kind of trait doing training. Boy Yorkies want other members to know that it is theirs is by peeing around the house- a common trait of any male dogs.

This trait can be eliminated by proper training. Common training would be assigning a designated pee pad where Yorkies can regularly pee. In terms of training, both genders must have a different schedule to avoid comparing them from each other.


Yorkies are said to be friendly whether that new pet is a cat or different breeds they tend to come along peacefully. However, the majority would say that males are more friendly than females because of their characteristics of being more outgoing and more affectionate towards other pets. You can’t expect a female Yorkie to accept new pets, especially when they mood swings. It is said that if you both have Yorkies with the same gender, chances jealousy is high.

It is not hard to buy new pets, but always keep in mind that Yorkies behaviour still differs on how you will introduce new pets to them. It is advisable that you should always test them first for a couple of days so they won’t be surprised that if ever you bring in a new member of the family.


There’s a common belief that girls Yorkies tend to be more submissive than boys, but believe it or not, both can be submissive. It is proved that either of the two genders has a bit of stubbornness and being bossy, especially when they are on training. It’s said before that boys might tend to establish themselves as a pack leader. Girls can also be a pack leader and tend to work as hard as boys when in training.

Remember that you’re still their leader, better teach them the common command which you ask them to sit before eating and reward them after. You can also teach them that as a leader, they should be used to you entering and exiting the house first.


It is said that boy Yorkies are considered more attentive, high-spirited, more steadfast and friendly, unlike the girl Yorkies. When girl Yorkies have mood swings, it is okay to distance yourself for a while so you won’t stress them out. However, you can make cuddle time with your boy Yorkie as they are more likely to love being cuddled with. It is because of their friendly trait that boy Yorkies can be a good friend too with children in the house.


There’s no denying that both genders require regular check-ups and hygiene routine. Although both need care at the same time, it still will depend on what kind of treatment you want them to have.  Male Yorkies have low maintenance compared to female Yorkies, especially when female Yorkies are in the stage of neutering. Female Yorkies need more attention and care when the time comes that they’re on their period.

They will need hygiene products like dog diapers or panties whichever fits their preferences. In terms of food, both female and male Yorkies have no exemption as long as both are receiving the same amount of foods and nutrients as well as when having their regular vaccination and trim, aside from the fact that girls should have a more cute and classy cut.


To summarize, choosing the gender of Yorkie is no big deal as long as this pet will make you feel loved and not alone. Choosing between a boy or girl Yorkies won’t make you less of a human and no one will judge you for it. Traits that have been said are a simple guide for you, that will help you understand and learn more about Yorkies.  Though they are of the same breed, that doesn’t mean that they have the same characteristics, no one’s made with the same traits, even animals.