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Are Yorkies Jealous Dogs?

Yorkies are best known as one of the smallest breeds of dogs that have gained popularity in the 19th century. Yorkshire terrier’s original name and Yorkies is their nickname. Yorkies are categorized as a ‘toy dog’, and with this, they are considered the 6th most popular purebred dog by the American Kennel Club.

Are Yorkies jealous dogs? Yes, they are jealous dogs because of their natural trait. They want their owners to give them more attention and love. Being a jealous Yorkies doesn’t mean they are being but being just a protective dog.

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We know that being jealous isn’t a positive thing, but if you look at the other side, you will understand why it’s a good thing somehow.

Jealous Dogs

Yorkies are one jealous dog whenever their owners are being drowned to other dogs in their surroundings. Some Yorkies’ personalities include; being active, curious, and protective. With this said personality, you can’t deny that Yorkies are a real catch as your pet. They may be jealous, but it’s a good thing for an owner because it means that they don’t want their owners to get hurt.

Though they can’t say it in words, it can be felt with their actions that they love their owners more than anything else. That no one can harm them as long as they are beside or near them. Yorkies believed that they are one brave guard dogs to their owners, though their appearance is small. It means that they have high confidence that they will protect them whatever it costs them.

Tough it may mark as a negative trait in Yorkies. Still, it is understandable because they’re one protective dog. But if Yorkies jealousy isn’t showing signs that it’s controllable, you can train them to hold their temper. Socializing is one important way on how to train your dog not to be jealous. Socializing means jealous Yorkie dogs need to get used, seeing many people and other animals.

Practising socialization is a big help for Yorkies’ jealousy. It is said that it is best to develop his personality as early as their first three months. As an owner, their personality will also depend on how you will train them to be.

Ways To Stop Jealousy

Wondering how to stop your Yorkies being jealous towards others, here are some helpful tips on how:

  1. Write in a diary in case your Yorkies shows signs of being aggressive towards others. In case you visit the vet, you can show them the lists, and they will give you helpful bits of advice.
  2. Always give the same amount of attention and praise to both of your pets.
  3. When feeding, make sure you have a separate place for each Yorkies or other pets to avoid comparison of foods.
  4. Don’t hesitate to put your pet on a leash whenever you are taking them for a walk and make them feel your in control as a leader.


Overall, Yorkies are jealous dogs because their protective personality is triggering it. As an owner, remember that you can still control their jealousy if it’s too much. Training and socialization are two effective ways that can help cut down your Yorkies’ jealousy. As a pet owner, you have a significant role in what will your Yorkies’ behavior towards other pets or people in their surroundings.