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Can A Yorkie Eat Scrambled Eggs?

As Yorkie owners, we somehow are responsible for giving our dogs nutritional foods to keep them healthy. As part of their food routine, we also give them vitamins and high-quality dog foods enriched with nutrients needed. There are lots of dog foods available in stores, but as owners, we also want to give them human meals. Of course, you can get lists from a veterinarian to ensure they still get nutrients and minerals that need their body.    

Can a Yorkie eat scrambled eggs? Yorkie puppies can eat scrambled eggs as long as there are no additives added. However, cheese is the sole additive exemption when giving your Yorkies scrambled eggs.

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As you continue reading, you will learn that eggs are not bad to Yorkies, scrambled eggs to be exact. And other ways of cooking eggs too, have no harm if you let your Yorkies puppy eat it.    

Yorkie Puppy Can Eat Scrambled Eggs  

Many would think that letting your Yorkies eat eggs would result in them having itchy feelings afterward. But it seems that eggs are suitable for Yorkies, especially when it’s scrambled, without any additives in it.

They enjoy eating scrambled eggs, however, without avocado, oils, onion, garlic, pepper, salt spices. In short, you can give them scrambled eggs that are plain, simple, and is figuratively clean.    

To know if their stomach can handle it, you can give them a pinch of it to see if it won’t cause the side effects. Aside from scrambled eggs, you can also give them different cooked eggs like hard-boiled eggs and can eat raw eggs.

However, when boiling eggs, it reduces the nutrients, unlike eating raw eggs, nutrients stayed.    

Benefits Of Giving Eggs To Yorkies    

Eggs produce nutrients that are essential not just to humans but also to our pets. There are numerous nutrients that an egg produces, but here the top three nutrients it contained.      

Egg Contains Protein

An egg contains proteins that what a dog meal should have. Just like humans, protein, when taken by dogs, will help keep building growth and maintain building blocks for their bodies.  

It Contains Vitamin B7

We know that egg yolk has lots of nutrients, and one common is the biotin. It has something to do with the development of a dog’s healthy coat, proper digestion, and a proper reproductive tract.        

Rich With Vitamin D

Eggs contain vitamin D that a Yorkies needed for the improvement of their teeth and bone development. That is why they must get enough Vitamin D because when it’s insufficient, congestive heart failure is possible.

If Yorkies don’t get enough Vitamin D in their food diet, they are also prone to suffer from bone disorders like osteomalacia and rickets. There is also research that said that dogs lacking Vitamin D have a risk of having cancer.      


Overall, giving Yorkies scrambled eggs won’t compromise their health. Instead, it gives them nutrients that not all dog food has. However, though eggs produced nutrients need by Yorkies, still, you should consult their doctor first before giving them.

As a pet owner, you wouldn’t want to compromise your pet’s health if they happen to show allergies while eating an egg. When this happens, you can always run to your dog’s doctor for Yorkies to have proper medications.