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Do Yorkies Get Attached To One Person?

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, have humble beginnings as rat catchers in textile mills and mines in 19th century England. Today, this dog breed is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world because of their fun personality and energy. If you are a Yorkie owner, you may be wondering whether or not Yorkies get attached to other people.

Do Yorkies get attached to one person? Gorjess Pets, a Yorkshire Terrier breeder, states that their attachment range depends on their gender — with male Yorkies often forming a closer bond with one person, and female Yorkies tending to bond with many people equally.

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But with many sources claiming that Yorkies attach to one person only and no one else, and others stating the opposite, it can be confusing to figure your beloved Yorkie out. In this post, we will find out by hearing stories from Yorkie owners if Yorkies do get attached to one person only, or with other people too.

Personal Anecdotes

One Yorkie owner says that she doesn’t consider her Yorkie to be a one-person dog. She recounts the times where Laci, her Yorkie, sits by the window and waits for her daughter to come home from school. Laci also jumps in bed with her middle daughter when she is sleeping.

Another Yorkie owner of three says that while they do have a favorite person (herself), they also love everyone else that lives in their house. It shows that the Yorkies’ attachments are not limited to one person only.

Those stories are just a few of the many about Yorkies. With numerous anecdotes of Yorkie owners saying that their Yorkies are also attached to other people, it is likely that Yorkies are not, for the most part, one-person dogs.

Multiple Caregivers

When a person becomes the source of good things for the Yorkie, such as food, attention, treats, and playtime, the Yorkie will get attached to that person. If another person is also the source, then the Yorkie will also get attached but will favor the owner who gives them more. While they do get attached to other people, Yorkies can still have their favorites.

Related Questions

1. Why does my Yorkie prefer my friend/S.O./sibling/parent to me?

It could be because the other person provides more attention to your dog than you. Food is also one of the most significant factors. If the other person gives him more attention and you are the one feeding him, then your Yorkie will go to them for attention, and to you for food.

2. Why is my Yorkie aggressive to other people?

While being aggressive to other people is not a common trait for Yorkies, there are multiple reasons why your Yorkie is exhibiting this behavior. It could be because they are protecting their territory from other people, scared of them, or received poor treatment from them.


Even with all that said, your Yorkie’s attachment depends on the people themselves. If they treat your Yorkie good, she may be attached to them, or not. Every dog has different personalities, especially Yorkies.