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Do Yorkies Get Cold Easy?

We, as humans, can choose from different clothing options to warm ourselves during winter seasons while some dogs don’t. One example are Yorkies that are dog breeds with tiny physiques. Their fur is different from any other dogs because it is more like human hair, so they often experience the numbing temperature of winter just like we do.

Do Yorkies get cold easily? Yes, Yorkies get cold quickly because they don’t have undercoats like most dog breeds do. Their petite size also contributes to this. They tend to lose body heat fast that often leads them to suffer from diseases like hypothermia.

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In this article, you will learn why Yorkies get cold easily. Also, some preventive maintenance that is needed to be considered during the cold season is mentioned in the latter part of this short read.

Well-Being Inside The House

Let’s start inside of the house. One thing that you need to look out for is a draft. No matter how small it is, this can affect puppies, small dogs, or even aging dogs and can be dangerous to your Yorkie. Bear in mind where your Yorkie is sleeping, they might be sleeping in a place where it is a perfect spot for summertime, but it might not be the right place during wintertime.

Check the circulation of the wind inside the house. You can also do this by being barefoot all over the house so that you can feel it if you feel the coldness, most likely, your Yorkie will feel it too. Once you found it, seal it properly, or look for a warmer place and a cozy and warm bed that would do the trick.

Well-Being Outside The House

The temperature you need to look after is 45F or 7C. It is the kind of temperature where it can be quite difficult and challenging for Yorkies to regulate their body heat.

The easiest way to know how a Yorkie can handle the temperature is to put them outside to see how they will react briefly. If you see any shivering or any opposition to go outside, these are the signs to look out for. It is very dangerous for them as they can develop certain illnesses like hypothermia.

As easy as it sounds, the only way you can help fight the cold is to dress them appropriately. Finding the best clothing is key. Thick sweaters can hold their body heat, while coats and parkas can protect them from freezing temperatures and raging wind.


As a conclusion, the cold weather is a struggle for most people as well as animals. Yorkies, in particular, often suffer the same dilemma with us humans. Just because they aren’t quite made to withstand this harsh weather and strong winds, it is essential to pay extra attention to them during this time of the year. For this reason, finding the perfect clothing is the solution to your winter dilemma, and it should be taken at utmost priority.

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