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How Do I Know If My Yorkie Is Happy?

We are all hoping that our dogs can talk, it would make it easier for both of us if we can communicate with each other.

Even though they cannot speak, we can tell pretty much how our Yorkies are feeling, depending on how they act.

They show it through body language, behavior, and health.

How do I know if my Yorkie is happy? You can tell if a Yorkie is happy if their eyes and eyelids are relaxed and frequently blinks. Another is if they have a smooth and soft expression in their eyes, have a good posture, and no signs of destructive behavior when you leave them at home.

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If you want to find out the signs on how to tell if your Yorkie is happy , this article will definite most of the signs that you can look at.

How Do They Convey Emotions

Yorkies have an emotional capacity of a 2 to 2 and half-year-old child. It means they experience joy, anger, and, most of all, fear.

Based on scientific studies, they undergo the same chemical changes during emotional shifting, and they also show the same hormones when changing from one feeling to another.

Like a 2-year-old baby, Yorkies lack the ability to convey such vocabulary to express their emotions.

However, like a toddler, they adapt to body language and behavior to express their emotions and feelings.

Signs That Your Yorkie Is Happy

When taking care of a Yorkie, you need to have a certain level of psychic ability to understand them properly.

While we cannot teach them how to speak, we can try to understand their behavior and body signals that can indicate if they are happy and contented or, on the other hand, if they are in pain.

But it all depends on your Yorkie. As they grow older, their activity levels and social ability can change.

But if you look into the following signs, you will be able to figure out if they are most likely happy and healthy.

Puppy-Dog Eyes

When you look at your Yorkies, a good indication that they are happy is their eyes – clean and relaxed eyes and eyelids.

Usually, you can tell if they blink often, and they are looking at you in a very soft manner.

Eyes that are very narrow and hard gaze means aggression while wide eyes, particularly if their whites are showing, means that they are frightened.

At-Ease Ears

Ear shapes differ from one breed to another, but if you look at your Yorkies’ ears and notice that it is relaxed and not stiff, this indicates that your dog is happy. One may be cocked up, or both may be loosely down and floppy.

If you noticed that their ears are pinned back, it could be an indication of aggression. But if it is pricked forward, it often means that they want something or interested in something that has been happening in their surrounding.

Relaxed Mouth

The relaxed mouth is also a factor that can indicate the wellness of your Yorkie. Happy Yorkie sometimes appears to be smiling a lot.

Their mouth is wide open, and even though they show a few of their teeth, it does not produce a growling sound. It’s just them trying to smile with their mouths open.

But be mindful about open mouth panting as this can be confusing compared to smiling because it can have an underlying cause, and they might be stressed or overheated.

Relaxed Body

The most efficient way to tell if your Yorkie is happy or not is to look at how they carry their body. A loose, soft, wiggly body can indicate a happy and healthy dog.

While on the other hand, a Yorkie who has been stiff, always tense, and less comfortable shows a weaker side, and you might need to take them to the vet if the opportunity arises.

Tail Movement

A lot can be said with Yorkies waggling their tail. It can indicate your dog’s wellness in general. Happy Yorkies usually likes to wag their tails in a manner that involves their whole body.

And also, when they try to play with it, it just shows that they are healthy and happy enough to play around with their body part.

If the tail wags stiffly and doesn’t shake the rest of their body, it might indicate that she’s very alert and trying to asses the situation.

Tail Carriage

You can tell a lot of personality of a Yorkie just by looking at their tail. When they are comfortable and content, their body is relaxed, including their tail.

Depending on the breed, each dog has a different tail carriage, and in general, they like to raise their tail and wiggle it, but not too high because it can indicate aggression, and sometimes they show some sign of fear as well.

Non-Destructive Behavior

Whenever your Yorkie chew some things in your house, it is a natural behavior, as they use their mouth to explore and find out things, especially when they are new to the environment.

But too much chewing, particularly to an adult Yorkie, can be a sign of stress and boredom.

Happy Yorkies are unlikely to chew or do some naughty activities in your house because they have enough physical and mental stimulation. This kind of destructive behavior is a sign of boredom and unhappiness.

You need to look out for some separation anxiety as this causes your Yorkie to misbehave.

Enjoys Playtime

Happy Yorkies love to play around and do walks. While all aging Yorkies tend to slow down usually, if they behave quietly or reluctant to the idea of it, that means they are unhappy or not feeling well.

Make sure to have them check and provide enough exercise. They love to keep them happy.


To conclude, pet owners can easily tell if a Yorkie is sad or happy as they don’t necessarily hide their emotions. Happy Yorkies are full of life and are healthy.

For this reason, all pet owners should strive hard enough to give the best life they can provide to their loving pets.