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How Do You Deworm A Yorkie Puppy?          

Deworming, or also known as drenching, is one common way of letting your puppy live a healthy life. Deworming is usually done to animals to gets rid of parasites inside the body like roundworms, tapeworms, and flukes whipworms, and coccidia. At an early age of 3-4 weeks, all puppies can have deworming and should continue every 3-4 weeks. It is also advisable to deworm your puppy at once a month until he reached its six month age.                               

How do you deworm a Yorkie puppy? Deworming a Yorkie puppy need to take medicines that their veterinarian prescribed. They may take a monthly deworming depends on killing any immature heartworms.

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As you read on, you will learn a Veterinarian professionally does that deworming. You will also learn that there natural deworming process that you can try at home. And we will give you signs if your Yorkie has worms in their belly already.                   

Prescribed Medication              

You can’t give yet your Yorkies medicines for deworming if you haven’t visited the clinic. It is best that when you see signs that they have worms, you go to their veterinarian as soon as possible.

Doctors can say that your Yorkies have worms after analyzing their stool or blood samples. After examining their samples, the vet can give them proper medicines that will help get rid of worms.         

To be able to give Yorkies proper medicines, the vet needs to know what kind of worms your Yorkies have. There are worms called heartworms and the so-called intestinal worms.

Heartworms are most common to adult Yorkies. However, to make sure Yorkies don’t have it, doctors still need to perform screening. Meanwhile, the intestinal worms, are one common heartworm to Yorkies and can get rid of easily.             

A veterinarian can use fenbendazole to deworm your Yorkie puppies with a proper treatment schedule effectively. They can start the treatment as early as two weeks, followed by on its 4th, 6th, and 8th weeks.

And after its 8th week, Yorkies have to get through a monthly treatment until it reached its 6th-month mark. However, adult Yorkies can have regular treatment daily to avoid having worms.                    

Most owners want to deworm their Yorkies regularly, but veterinarians won’t recommend it. Veterinarians prefer and recommend to have to deworm yearly.

If Yorkies puppies lived in an area that has parasitic worms, doctors recommend deworming them every three to six months. To avoid getting your Yorkies a worm, better to check for possible parasitic worms in the surroundings.                   

Common Worms Found In Puppies          

To get proper deworming medicine, veterinarians need to know first what types of worm your puppies have.                     


It is one common type of worms that a puppy has. Experts said that roundworms might acquire either through mother’s milk or in its uterus. Puppies that have roundworms usually experience vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and even an increased in their appetite.

Sometimes, puppies vomit with roundworms in it too. Having a bloated abdomen will help you determine whether your Yorkies have roundworms.            


Dogs that have fleas are prone to tapeworms, too, another worm that is common to dogs. At some point, tapeworms may show no symptoms at all, that’s why it’s determine if your Yorkies have this worm.

However, you can find tapeworm often around the rectums of your dogs and sometimes found in their stool. You can avoid tapeworms on Yorkies when you bring them to clinics to have regular check-ups and maintenance.           


This type of worms are found in the intestine of dogs and then suck their blood. Puppies that have tapeworms usually suffer from weight loss, low stamina, and low in their appetite.

Puppies also suffer from anemia, feeling weak and diarrhea are also some other symptoms. Remember that when your puppies have tapeworm and not treated immediately, it can lead this to their death.        


These worms are had to get rid of that a series of microscopic tests are needed to detect them. Whipworms have a thread-like appearance that stuck to a dog’s large intestine that sucks blood and can cause anemia.

You’ll determine if your Yorkies have whipworm if they experience weight loss, appetite- loss, and a bloody stool. Whipworms are challenging to get rid of, but they are also both preventable and treatable.

Home Treatments For Roundworms       

Though veterinarians recommend prescribed medications to eliminate roundworms, there are also home remedies you can try.

  1. Pumpkins Seeds – When you give your Yorkies a pumpkin seed, this said to paralyzes the worms easily from their intestines. You can feed Yorkies pumpkin seeds either as a whole or crushed them to add to their foods. Pumpkins seeds are one effective deworming home remedy because it contains an amino acid called the cucurbitacin.
  2. Turmeric – One effective home remedy that helps eliminate roundworms in Yorkies is turmeric because of 4 different compounds found. While these compounds help in eliminating worms, it also helped in repairing the damage that the worms have caused. However, a dog can’t directly have turmeric because of the curcumin. You should make a paste first by combining turmeric with coconut oil before feeding it to your dog’s food.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar – We all know that apple cider vinegar has lots of health benefits to the human body. And it is also beneficial and considered one effective treatment for dog’s deworming. Unlike the usual vinegar, when taken, it helps increase the alkaline level in the dog’s intestine—making it hard for worms to stay and live longer inside the dog’s body. To be able for your dog to take this, you need to mix it to your dog’s water at least 1 1/4 teaspoon.
  4. Carrots – Carrots, when given to your dogs, helped removes any parasites living in a dog’s body. You can provide carrots as chopped or as their regular treat when you have your daily routine training. If you run out of vitamins, you can give your dog’s carrots, source of boosting the immune system. It also contains some nutrients that are incredibly good for your pet’s health and body.
  5. Chamomile – Known for its relaxing qualities, chamomile ensures that it helps reduce irritations and bloating feeling to your dogs. It can also get rid of whipworms and roundworms, two of the worms found in the dog’s body. Experts recommended that the dose should be at 0.25ml-0.50ml for every 20bs of dog’s weight. Some say that you can give your dog chamomile for two weeks, twice a day.
  6. Grapes – This fruit to have lots of health benefits and proves to fight infections and helps boost the immune system. Because of the contain berberine, it helps fight against the bacterias, parasites, and fungus in a dog’s body. At every 20 pounds of a dog’s weight, you can give 12 drops for two weeks twice a day.


In general, worms are one common pet owners typically encounter. You won’t know whether your dogs have worms unless you let veterinarians check them. Though there are home remedies that help in eliminating worms, still seeking professionals’ advice is the best.

To prevent and avoid having your Yorkies acquire worms, practicing proper maintenance is highly recommended. Remember that Yorkies are one tiny dog that is why giving them medications without a doctor’s prescription may compromise their health.