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How Much Do Yorkies Shed? When it comes to Yorkies, most people really don’t know what to expect. You already have the sweet dog home so that’s a win. The next obvious step is; you need to understand the needs of your dog. And that’s where everything starts to get trickier.

A Must-Read: How to Groom a Yorkie

In most cases, we don’t know how to handle our furry friends especially when it comes to their care. When you start searching on the internet about Yorkies, you will be surprised to find out that most people wonder about their hair. Who knew that Yorkies hair was such a common topic? Well, luckily, this article has enough information on the same.

But before we get started, we need to find out why Yorkies are among the favorite dog breeds in the market today.

Reasons Why Most People Love Yorkies

Yorkie Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. In fact, in the US alone, Yorkies are ranked as the 5th most popular dog breed. That brings us to the question: why are they so popular? Here are some of the major reasons why people are in love with Yorkies:

They Will Never Say No To A Cuddle Party

 Affectionate and loving, Yorkies typically are always lovers of anything that’s comfortable. That said, they will never turn down snuggles and cuddles especially from their owner. Meaning they will literary know their owner through cuddles. So whenever you are feeling down or you simply want to cuddle with someone, take your furry best friend and enjoy the moment.

They Are Brave

In my entire life, I’ve never seen a braver dog than the Yorkshire terrier. Don’t be fooled by the tiny body. Yorkies are as fierce as most of the larger dogs. On top of that, they are not afraid of barking to any foreign guests.

That makes Yorkies good watchdogs especially if you are living in big cities. But if the barking gets too much, you will have to find a way to deal with this situation.

Yorkies Can Easily Co-exist With Children

Well, it’s true that Yorkies have a bad rap when it comes to staying around kids. But that shouldn’t discourage you. In most cases, the small size of Yorkies makes them vulnerable to kids playing rough. However, if you train your kids to be gentle with the young lad, I promise you they will be best buds in a few days.

Children should be taught how to respect small dogs as they do larger ones. Also, you should try to train your dog not to growl at children. With a little persistent and training, this dynamic duo will make a truly magnificent and mischievous pair. Regardless, both your dog and your children will not bond overnight. You will have to be patient.

Yorkie’s Hair Is Similar To That Of Humans

It’s obvious the first thing you’ll notice is the hair of Yorkies. The glossy, shiny strands of these dogs will always need a regular brush to avoid mats and tangles. You can also choose to keep their hair short and sassy.

Their hair can prove to be a good way to connect with them. Regular brush out ensures that you always have a moment to connect with your dog. Yorkies don’t shed a lot hence this makes them great around people with allergies. But makes sure you have the chance to consult with your vet in case you have any allergic reactions when it comes to dogs.

Yorkies Can Be Potty Trained

It’s not an easy task, but you will be able to train your dog to use the potty. Or you can also opt to take potty breaks outside. But you need to understand that scolding your little friend for accidents will not help.

 Always make sure you encourage them when they do it right. Also, you can try crate training which helps your lad to feel secure and safe.  Remember that this is as hard of a task as any other. After all, even humans take a while to learn this skill. So don’t be too hard on your tiny friend.

Yorkies Are Pro-Active

These little fellows are a bundle of energy. Whether it’s a healthy stroll around the block or a normal walk, Yorkies will always need some time to take a run every day. All in all, you need to keep a peaceful pace when walking your Yorkie so those little legs don’t get worn out.

Yorkies Are Not Afraid Of Big Cities

Even a small dog as a Yorkie can succeed in big cities. With a little training, Yorkies really do well in big cities and apartment life. Even though they are bouncy, their small body makes it easy for them to exercise indoors.

Yorkies Will Always Announce Visitors

Yorkies are keen on the eye and sharp on the tongue. Therefore, they will never be afraid of announcing visitors at the door. However, once the visitor is inside, some Yorkies will be friendly and outgoing. But most of them tend to have a suspicious nature throughout.

Unfortunately, the suspicious nature of this breed may morph into an aggressive dog that will not stop barking. You will need to train your dog that she doesn’t need to like strangers but she needs to accept them in a polite manner. Otherwise, the habitual barking will soon get out of control.

Yorkshires Are Good With Other Animals

Tiny Yorkies seem to bond well when put together with other dogs and cats. However, make sure you don’t place larger dogs in the same place as your tiny Yorkie. That’s because the larger dog is bound to jump over your Yorkies and possibly injure her when filled with enthusiasm.

Also, Yorkies tend to bark at dogs they meet when taking a walk around the neighborhood. On top of that, they tend to be more determined when the dog is larger. You might find this funny but it isn’t. When Yorkies bark a lot, it will end up affecting their mental health. Therefore, you shouldn’t entertain such behaviors.

Yorkies are Fashion-Forward

There’s no other dog breed capable of pulling a sensible style than the Yorkshire. They literally go well with any current dog wear. It’s like Yorkies are used to the spotlight and glamour.

So, Do Yorkies Shed?

The answer is simple terms is Yes. However, Yorkies don’t shed as often as other furrier dog breeds. To understand this even more clearly, you need to consider the coat of your dog. Most furs consist of three different layers that are: short, thick and coarse strands.

The dog’s fur will develop in burst all year round. The old fur will quickly fall off in certain seasons hence resulting in intense shedding. That means you will have a lot of furs to vacuum during this period. Yorkie’s hair is different though. It’s typically made of hair that’s silky and fine then the average dog.

The hair of Yorkies is also silky and grows at the same rate all year. Therefore, it’s more identical to human hair. More importantly, Yorkies don’t have the same hair growth and cycles that are found in other dogs.

In case any hair will fall off, it will end up on the pup’s coat. This makes it even harder to notice the shedding. However, you will be able to notice the fallen hair when you are brushing or bathing your Yorkie.

How To Take Care Of Yorkie’s Dead Hair?

As much as the shedding of Yorkies is quite low, if you don’t do anything about it, you might find fur all over your home. Therefore, you will need to pay extra attention to the maintenance of the fur. Most breeders will recommend that you maintain a short and cute fur. But, why should you buy a Yorkie for the glamorous hair only to reduce their height?

However, if you want to maintain their long hair, you will need to have a daily routine. The first step is you will have to brush your Yorkie on a daily basis with a bubble tipped pin brush. On top of that, you will have to use specialized cosmetics.

 All in all, if you have a busy schedule, it’s probably a good idea to keep the hair of your Yorkie short. Choosing this option will reduce the daily brushing to two or three times a week. Additionally, you should start considering ways that will help you strengthen the hairs of your Yorkie.

Feeding your Yorkshire terrier with quality food will not only help her hair growth, but it will also reduce the shedding and also the general state of health. Also, buy a Yorkie from a reputable breeder will save you the troubles of dealing with an already sick pup. Most of the Yorkies’ diseases usually lead to the shedding of fur.

Why is my Yorkie Losing Hair more than usual?

In most cases, Yorkies will lose their hair due to nutrient deficiencies especially chlorine and sodium. Here are some of the conditions that might also lead to hair loss in Yorkies.


Believe it or not, your pup also has allergies that might affect her lifestyle. Allergic agents in dogs are quite long. Typically, allergies are caused by substances that are ingested, breathed in or come into direct contact with your dog.

A huge percentage of these substances can be found in medications, food stuff, cleaning products, human shampoo among others. If you notice that your pup might be having an allergic reaction to anything in your home, it’s best to talk to your vet.

Hormone Imbalance

It’s quite rare to find a Yorkie succumb to hypothyroidism but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. There’s a high chance that in case your dog is losing hair, it may be because the hair has become fragile and falls off due to hypothyroidism.

Other hormonal imbalance that might result in the hairs of your Yorkie to fall off include, overproduction of testosterone, progesterone or estrogen. That means that you will have to consult with your vet to find out what is really happening.

Unbalanced Nutrition

Like I said earlier, Yorkies require high-quality food to reduce intensive hair loss. The food needs to be well balanced and appropriate for dogs. Don’t always feed your dog leftovers since this will affect her coat.

If the food you are feeding your furry friend doesn’t contain enough vitamins, then that might be the reason for the rapid hair loss. In case you note that the food doesn’t have enough nutrients, then talk to your vet to find out what are the right supplements for your furry friend.


Parasites are usually divided into two: external and internal parasites. They typically use the dog to acquire nourishment and reproduce. More importantly, external parasites will cause your Yorkie to scratch, bite or lick certain infested areas. That will later result to fall of hair in those regions.

On the other hand, internal parasites will cause your dog to have fewer nutrients and hence result in the fall of the hair. Both the internal and the external parasites are quite dangerous to the health of your pup. Therefore, you should always take your dog to the vet for regular check-ups.

Frequent Baths With Poor Quality Cosmetics

I’m sure you love bathing your pup. More importantly, if your Yorkie is well trained, then she will also enjoy the baths as much as you do. However, I urge that you should always use high-quality shampoos and conditioners that are specifically suitable for your Yorkie’s hair.

Also, frequent and unnecessary baths will upset the chemical balance of the skin and hence weakening the strength of your Yorkie’s hair. This will result in shedding.

In Summary

Well, I hope you’ve figured out that Yorkies are not regular shedders. But their hair will need the same kind of attention that you give to your own hair. Also, invest in buying quality cosmetics since if the hair of your dog falls off, it might take a while before it can grow back to its original height. All in all, I believe Yorkies have the best hair.

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