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My Yorkie Has Diarrhea What Can I Do? Dogs do suffer from diseases just like humans do. Some of it is canine distemper, parvovirus, heartworm, rabies, Lyme diseases, and even diarrhea. Yorkie dogs suffer mostly from having diarrhea, and it feels like you have it too. To make them feel better, there are tips on how to make them feel better, at least. With this, you don’t need to take them to their clinic because you can perform the first aid at home.

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Any dog may experience diarrhea, and it means that it should be taken seriously. But for toy breeds like Yorkie, it can cause them serious dehydration issues. Effects of diarrhea can cause rapid weight loss to Yorkie dogs. That is why it considered a serious problem. As a fur parent, you should be prepared and know what to do when this diarrhea occurs, as it comes without warning.

Cause of Diarrhea

As this disease comes with no warning, you should be ready whenever your Yorkie babies experience this. But you should know first what causes it so you can at least brace yourself for its impact.


For Yorkie puppies, going to a new home, meeting new people, or animals can be overwhelming. That is why you should have proper socialization.

Change in Diet

In case you decide to try new foods for your Yorkie puppies, try to do it slowly as it may cause them to stress, and this one factor why they suffer from diarrhea and vomiting.

Viral Infection

There are many types of infection, and parvovirus is considered one of them. Other dogs can also suffer from this and are considered fatal. That is why, when the Yorkie puppy is suffering from this, it is best to seek veterinarian’s help.

What To Do


The first step to treat an acute non-severe case is to limit the water intake for 12 to 42 hours period. If it shows that a Yorkie is sensitive to food, this will give their stomach a rest. But if diarrhea is caused by another medical issue like dehydration and weight loss, give them lots of water to drink. You can give them fresh cold water and filtered tap water from the kitchen.

Bland Diet

When you feel like your Yorkie’s diarrhea is clearing up, give them a bland diet beginning with a low salt chicken broth. It is also advisable if you give them mashed potatoes.


It the Yorkie’s diarrhea is tolerable, you can give them tiny pieces of boiled chicken breast meat and unsalted and unseasoned white rice. Mix them and maintain this kind of diet for about two weeks.

Veterinarian Help

If your Yorkie dogs are suffering from moderate diarrhea, it is highly advisable to seek for veterinarian’s help. Moderate diarrhea signs are bloody diarrhea, vomiting, extreme weakness, and fever. A veterinarian will have to do some tests to identify causes fully and for them to be able to give Yorkie a proper treatment.


To conclude, you should know the cause of your pet’s diarrhea. So when the time comes, you will know the basic things to do to prevent the condition from getting worse. With these tips, it will at least lessen the pain they feel. But if things get worst, remember that you can always call a veterinarian’s help to cure your Yorkie puppies.

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