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My Yorkie Is Constipated What Can I Do? One of the most common illnesses that are associated with a dog’s digestive system is constipation. It is a type of health condition that involves difficult, infrequent, or absent bowel movements. The significant signs this health detriment are dry, hard stools, and straining when they try to poop.

Regardless of what is causing the constipation of your pet, your vet may prescribe a stool softener medicine or other laxative agents. It will put your dog at ease when they try to poop. They will also give some diet recommendations, adding fiber-rich food like pumpkin, wheat, or a product like Metamucil. It will help them digest food faster and will help them prevent constipation.

Yorkies have a petite body. They are prone to digestive issues if you feed them too much or feed them less. Here are some causes of constipation and their corresponding treatments and precaution to prevent it from happening again.

What Causes Constipation

In finding the cure for constipation, you need to figure out what causes it. Some of the mild cases can be treated using natural home remedies, while others need immediate action from your vet. The symptoms of constipation that your dogs might experience are straining to poop, having dry and hard stools, or sometimes absent or infrequent pooping.

The most worrisome cases are those where they develop other diseases along with constipation. It might be easy for dog owners to diagnose constipation, but it is going to be difficult to diagnose some underlying causes. When constipation is accompanied by loss of energy or enthusiasm, loss of appetite, and vomiting, this needs attention; visit your vet as soon as possible.

As a general rule, if the condition didn’t go away for a while and is accompanied by other underlying symptoms and pain, you need to take them to the hospital as in can be a serious indication that something is wrong on their inside. When in doubt, get on route!

Treatment For Mild Cases

Diet is essential, especially to precious little furries like a Yorkshire Terrier. You need to make sure that they have a well-balanced diet. If your dog is not on high-quality food, you need to switch it up as high-quality dog foods are tested to be easily digestible and offers more health benefits that prevent any digestive issue like constipation. Keep a healthy feeding schedule. Do not overfeed your Yorkie! Not a good thing. Just no.

If you have an aging dog that is suffering from constipation, it might be a good consideration to change their lifestyle. Diet is vital in all ages and always check the ingredients in every food they intake, as aging can easily upset or make them feel uneasy.

Always keep them hydrated at all times and practice exercise now and then. Go for a walk. It’s a good bonding experience between the two of you.

Home Remedies Treatments

Constipation is not hard to treat as long as it is diagnosed early. It is one of the illnesses that can easily be cured using home remedies and treatments. As always, please consult it with your vets first before trying it out to know if each one of these can be applied to your Yorkie.

Wheat And Oat Bran

Wheat and oat bran are rich in fiber, so it’s an excellent nutrient for digestion. It is good in most cases and moderation. Bran is the outer shell of the grain, and it is often removed during processing. This outer shell is rich in fiber, which helps the colon stays in shape and healthy, weight management, constipation, diarrhea, and diabetes.

Just add a small amount of bran in your Yorkie’s food with the right amount prescribed by your vet. It is best in moderation because dog food contains bran already, you want to amp it up to give more fiber that can ease the digestion process.

Plain Pumpkins

Another home remedy that can be feed to your Yorkie is canned pumpkin. Canned natural pumpkin is also a great source of fiber, as you know, can help with digestion. It is a festive gourd and considered to be a miracle food for dogs. It’s good for diarrhea and constipation. Canned pumpkin also contains beta-carotene, which is Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for dogs, too, but in moderation, as it can be toxic to their body.

If your Yorkie is experiencing some constipation, add a tablespoon of pumpkin to their normal food and you are good to go.

Milk Or Any Dairy Products

Dairy is a hit and a miss even for dogs as some dogs can be lactose intolerant too. It is a good thing if your dog is suffering constipation and lactose intolerant at the same time since it can act as a laxative. However, too much dairy will give them other complications, such as diarrhea.

Let them drink a few and see how it goes. It won’t hurt your pet to drink a little bit as long as it gives them ease when trying to defecate.

Olive Or Vegetable Oil

It is one remedy that you don’t want to depend on too much. Oils can cause diarrhea to dogs. Finding the perfect amount is key. When desperate times call, add a little tablespoon of oil to your dog food will help lubricate the stool for easy digestion.

Ginger and Broth

It is another home remedy to try. You can either use chicken or beef broth. Simply mix these two ingredients, and you have a dog constipation treatment. All you have to do is to mix ¼ teaspoon of ginger and ½ cup of the broth. Ginger helps upset the stomach, together with the broth, it will get things moving along the digestive tract. It is a perfect example of an easy solution that is made entirely out of the items from your kitchen. What a genius discovery!

Switching To Canned Food

Usually, a portion of typical dog food is a dry kibble with different flavors or just a plain one. If your dog typically eats dry kibbles and mixing all other remedies won’t work, the dry kibble might be the culprit. So why not try switching into a quality canned food for a few days, this can also excite dogs that they will be eating a different type of food. Since the canned dog food is typically wet, it adds moisture and more flavor to your Yorkie’s food. It is easy to swallow and easy to digest. It is an easy fix that is worth a try.

Treatment Of Serious Cases

A severe case is the worst possible scenario you’ll have to face when your dog is constipated. Most of the time, your veterinarian will prescribe you a laxative,Psyllium, this works by absorbing water and bulking feces in the colon. It takes about 72 hours for it to kick in and make sure to get the unflavored, unsweetened version, so your dogs won’t even know it’s there. Make sure to follow your vet prescription on how much dosage and how many times to give it to your dogs.

My Yorkie Is Constipated What Can I Do?

Another medicine you can try to feed off with your dog is a Virbac Vetasyl Fiber Capsules. Vetasyl is a 100% natural fiber supplement for your loving pets. It is a capsule food supplement that is designed to be sprinkled over dog food. It has fiber-rich in them and is suitable for your pet who’s suffering from constipation.

My Yorkie Is Constipated What Can I Do?

Bernie’s Perfect Poop is another ultimate solution for severe cases, especially with your dog’s worrying constipation. It is made of an innovative formula that has premium fibers, enzymes, and prebiotics that treats your furry friend digestive system back on track. It is designed to look like a treat so your Yorkie won’t even think of it as a medicine. Simply give them as a usual treatment, and before you know it, they are back to their lively self and can poop regularly.

My Yorkie Is Constipated What Can I Do?

Another treatment that you need to know is to perform an enema. It is a technique where it flushes out a constipated canine’s colon. It is a little tricky and difficult procedure, which is why it is recommended to have it done by vets.

Worst case, if the cause of constipation is a foreign object that is blocking the bowels or digestive tract, surgery may have to be done.


The golden rule, feed them high-quality foods and provide them water at all times. Having enough fiber in their diet will help them to digest their food correctly, but having too much fiber can cause them to produce gas.

One superfood that a lot of vets recommend is canned pumpkin. Yorkies particularly love this food because it has enough sweetness in them.


To summarize, the dog’s constipation usually doesn’t pose a threat to a dog’s overall health if treated promptly. It often goes away when you switch diet to a healthier option. But if it becomes a little serious, visit your vet as soon as possible.

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