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What Are The Best Toys For Yorkies?

Some dogs want to chill, and some dogs want to run around. Yorkshire Terriers belong to the latter group because of their penchant for mischief and love for playtime. As a Yorkie owner, one should understand how important playtime is for their pups, and know which toys are the best.

Yorkies are bred for hunting prey smaller than them. Appropriately, choosing a toy for your Yorkie requires some thought put into it to satisfy its hunting instincts. Yorkies can benefit from tug toys, balls, plush toys, puzzle toys, and chew toys.

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If you’re wondering which toys you should get for your beloved Yorkie, we compiled a list of our best picks for a selection of toys that will satisfy your dog. We also provided tips for choosing toys.

Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend 3-Knot Rope Tug

What Are The Best Toys For Yorkies

If you played with a dog before, you might have experienced a game of tug of war at some point. Like most dogs, Yorkies enjoy a good tugging session — especially if there’s a high-quality tug toy involved. They cannot resist the urge to pull on something and take it away from you, though they may return it to you to play again.

On the top of our list is a durable tug toy from Mammoth. This tug toy sports a tough knot that can sustain rigorous sessions, yet gentle enough for your dog’s teeth and gums. Known for its durability, expect to have this toy around for years, making it a perfect toy for an energetic Yorkie.

Chuckit! Ultra Ball (Small)

What Are The Best Toys For Yorkies

You expected it. Your dog expected it. We all expected it: balls are going to be on this list. Most dogs love to chase things, and your Yorkie probably loves it, too. Once your Yorkie learns how to play fetch, this will open a realm of endless fun on weekend afternoons (or any day; you choose).

Chuckit! Ultra Ball is a squeaker toy, which can entice play with your Yorkie. Tough and durable, this toy will last for a long time. If your Yorkie is a hardcore ball-chaser, definitely consider buying this toy. It is a must-have toy for dogs.

Multipet Duckworth Duck

What Are The Best Toys For Yorkies

You might be curious why we included a plush toy on this list. We know that dogs can tear a plushie into shreds in a matter of hours (or minutes!), making it a dangerous and messy toy to include because dogs can swallow the stuffing. Plus, it’s just a waste of money to spend on things that will eventually get destroyed shortly after buying.

However, Multipet Duckworth Duck is surprisingly durable for a plush toy. Backed by several reviews from owners of various dogs expressing their satisfaction, this toy may be what your dog wants. If your Yorkie loves to chew on something soft like pillows, consider buying this toy to redirect her aggression.

Outward Hound Ottosson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

What Are The Best Toys For Yorkies

Yorkies are highly intelligent dogs. According to Coren’s Dog Intelligence Criteria, Yorkies can learn a new command with just 15 to 25 repetitions! It makes them perfect for puzzle toys, which can challenge your brainy canine friends.

This puzzle dog toy allows you to hide treats under different tiny compartments for your Yorkie to sniff out and slide away to reveal the treat. It works best with dog-owner interaction, so you can bond by helping him or her out. If your Yorkie is starting with puzzle toys, this puzzle toy is for him or her.

Nylabone Original Dura Chew Dog Chew

What Are The Best Toys For Yorkies

Let’s be realistic, your pet is going to chew, a lot. You probably had your share of frustration upon seeing your slippers torn into shreds, or something similar. Dogs cannot help it — it’s part of their nature. If they’re not engaged enough or just bored, they may choose to target your belongings to create their own fun.

It is where chew toys come into play. Durable chew toys can help fight destructive behaviors and save you from a lot of grief. Plus, Nylabones can also promote clean teeth and help control plaque and tartar. Nylabones satisfy your Yorkies’ natural urge to chew, thus deserving a spot in this list.

Tips For Choosing Yorkie Toys

Knowing which toys to buy for your Yorkie is vital because their needs are a little sensitive. They have tiny bodies, sensitive teeth, and problematic stomachs that do not react well to foreign bodies. Thus, they’re prone to indigestion, injuries, and other health and dental problems. To save you from unnecessary headaches, these are the factors you must consider before buying toys.


When choosing a toy, you need to think about the purpose it’ll serve. Do you want the toy to keep your Yorkie busy while you’re working? Or do you want it to provide you and your dog quality bonding time? For the former, buy chew toys to keep your Yorkie busy. For the latter, buy a puzzle toy so you two can solve it together (or supervise him or her).


It’s best to select toys that are appropriate for your Yorkie’s size. This factor applies well to balls. Though they act big and mighty, some Yorkies will eventually get bored if their ball is at least two sizes larger than their mouth. Remember to pick a small ball for your puppy to play with.


Though most Yorkies are energetic, there may be some who prefer to lay around and do nothing. Dogs have their personalities so you must know your Yorkie well before buying a toy. If they’re highly active, tug toys are perfect for them. For laid-back Yorkies, a plush toy can keep them entertained.


When your Yorkie bites stuff, you need to observe how they bite. Are they destructive biters, who will obliterate any plush toy into shreds? Or are they nibblers, who still bite stuff, but gently and lovingly? For destructive biters, buy hard chew toys (but not too hard that it breaks their teeth) to ensure it lasts long. Plush toys are recommended for nibblers, especially if your Yorkie likes to bite on soft things.


Overall, Yorkies have fun personalities and big brains. Playing with toys that unleash their energy and make them use their mind will make your Yorkie a happy little dog. Choosing their toys and buying them is not enough to keep them entertained — you need to spend time with them, too. Remember to supervise their playtime and enjoy the boundless energy that your Yorkie gives.