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What Is The Difference Between A Yorkie And A Silky? There is an ongoing dispute about Silky Terrier versus Yorkshire Terrier. This dispute often leads to a misconception that they are on the same breed because of their similarities, especially in their appearance. However, it is not the case because even experienced breeders might need some time to figure out a dog’s breed before concluding.

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What is the difference between a Yorkie and a Silky? Silkies are 9 to 10 inches tall, while Yorkshire Terrier is on a smaller scale with approximately 6 to 7 inches in height. Silkies have a flatter, wedge-shaped bone head, and it is slightly longer than the muzzles and has almond-shaped eyes.

In this article, you will learn about the differences between a Yorkie and s Silky. They might look similar, but they have distinct features that differ from one another.

Yorkies VS Silkies

These two dogs are often mistaken with each other. You can’t deny the fact that at first glance, you won’t see the difference. They both are toy terriers and have lavishing coats. The similarity is not surprising as Silkies are the offspring of a Yorkshire Terrier and an Australian Terrier. But if you look closer, you’ll find some bits and pieces that contribute to their differences.

Location History

Yorkies originated from the United Kingdom. They were pretty much popular for the working class as they helped them to hunt rats in coal mines. They were named after the region of England. On the other hand, Silkies, also known as Australian Silky Terriers, were created in Australia. In the late 1800s, Yorkies were crossed with Australian Terriers to produce a beautiful coat color, resulting in a Silky Terrier.


A Yorkshire Terrier is a small toy terrier that has a long, straight coat of dark blue and golden tan color that is parted from the muzzle to the end of their tail. Its long coat can grow up to the floor and often trimmed by dog owners. While Silkies is small and has a long, parted straight blue and tan coat, the variation of blue can be seen from silver blue, pigeon blue to slate blue. It has a long coat but typically don’t reach the floor. A Yorkies’ body is square compared to a long proportion body that a Silkie possesses.


Size is one of the main differences when it comes to these two. Silky Terrier is larger and heavier than Yorkshire Terrier. Silkies can weight up to 8 to 10 lbs. They are also way taller than Yorkies that can go up to 9 to 10 inches.


When it comes to personality and temperament, Silkies are a bit more aggressive than Yorkies. It will be a little challenging to do training as it requires a firm hand and a lot of patience. On the brighter side, they are eager to learn and can pick up things pretty fast once you get the hang of it.


To conclude, while these two breeds have a lot of differences with each other, they are both lovely breeds that possess intelligence and very much affectionate dogs. They both require attention and grooming like most dogs, but in return, they will shower you with love and loyalty.

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