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Why Do Yorkies Stare At You?

There are times when you’re sitting on the couch with your beloved Yorkshire terrier—perhaps while you’re watching T.V. or texting— and she stares at you. If you don’t understand the dog language, you may be confused. What does she want?

Why do Yorkies stare at you? She is probably asking for food. She may also be seeking attention or waiting for cues during playtime. She may be reading your emotions or, ideally, trying to show her loyalty towards you.

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In this post, we’ll look at some of the reasons why your Yorkie is staring at you. You can also do some things if you caught them do so, so read on.

Four Reasons Why Yorkies Stare

Food Or Snack

Yorkie might be staring at you because she wants something—anything a pup might like that you could provide. And that, usually, involves a tasty treat or snack. Some dogs follow their owners around with expectant eyes and some with baleful ones—especially when desperate for food.

Attention And Playtime

Yorkie may simply be seeking attention from you. Attention may be in any form of physical touch, verbal praises, or even quality time. Well, I guess dogs have their love language, too!

The source of Yorkie’s staring behavior could be from her desire to play a fun game, such as fetch, or to have a walk outdoors. Moreover, owners teach their dogs to stare at them while waiting for signals of mealtime or playtime. Some untrained dogs do this, too.

Reading Emotions

Yorkies are “great judges of character.” They’re possibly staring because they’re trying to read the emotion/s in their owner’s facial expressions. Experts say that dogs know when a person is a bit “off.”

Curiosity is innate for Yorkies, so they always want to know what someone is doing. Your pet probably wants to know what you’re thinking and is trying to figure it out by staring at you. She, maybe, is watching your every move. Yorkies are good watchdogs anyway.

Loyalty And Devotion

Yorkies are loyal and devoted to their owners—also a reason why their owners love them. They’re also lovable “starers” so when your Yorkie does stare at you, it is perhaps because she sees you as her beloved master.

What To Do When Your Yorkie Stares

Given the possible reasons behind their staring behavior, here is a list of some things you can do when your Yorkie does this action.

  1. Treat her with food and snack.
  2. Give her a pat, a hug, or carry her on your lap.
  3. Try to talk to her with playful sounds.
  4. Make time for playtime.
  5. Go outdoors and walk around.

Related Questions

Should I be worried about my Yorkie’s staring behavior?

It’s unlikely that she’s in bad condition. Give whatever she wants, and she’ll be fine. Should you wish to be certain, you can always visit your pet provider or a veterinarian.

Should I stare back at my dog?

Enjoyable to stare deeply into your pet’s eyes, but that action might be treated as a challenge. Make sure your dog has no aggression or behavioral issues first.


Dogs may stare intently at their owners, trying to ask for food or plenty of non-food rewards. Understanding your Yorkie’s behaviors and knowing what she wants to help you create a strong bond with her—a gratifying achievement a dog owner could have.