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Why Do Yorkies Whine So Much?

Whining is a way of dogs, in general, to vocalize or communicate with us. It is their way of expressing their feelings, and there are many possible things that they want to tell us if they continue whining whether its something they want or is feeling some pain or stress.

Why do Yorkies whine so much? Yorkies whine to show emotional distress, or separation anxiety when their owner left them alone or when they are confined in a place and wants to be free. It can also mean that they are in pain, and can become aggressive if not taken seriously.

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If you are curious to know the causes of whining for Yorkies and how to stop them from doing so, this article is something you should spend time reading. I will be discussing here a lot of tips and techniques that you can implement to have a healthy and whine-free Yorkie.

Why Do Dogs Whine?

Whining is typical behavior for puppies as this is their way of trying to communicate, and it is the counterpart of crying babies to get the attention of their mothers for food.

It may be an apparent cause why Yorkies are whining, it might be asking for a treat, or they want to get in or out of the house. But sometimes even dog owners may be facing some uncertainty why Yorkies whine. In these cases, you need to look for body language that accompanies the whining to figure it out. There are many reasons why Yorkies whine, but sometimes it overlaps, so you need to pay extra attention to them.

To Asking For Something

It is the common reason why they whine, they are looking for something, or they want something from us. It might be asking for a walk, some treat, or their favorite toy. It will result in a whine to get our attention. If you look in closely, they will be shifting their eyes to you and then followed by the thing or action they wanted.

Seeking Attention

Yorkies can express a little jealousy. It might whine to us if they see that you’re doing something they are not involved in, like having a phone conversation or just talking to someone. It might also happen if they saw you petting other dogs outside. It can also be their way to show boredom when they whine a lot, and it is their way to get your attention.

Communication Excitement

When your Yorkie is too hyper and active, it might cause some whining behavior. Accompanied by random jumping, they do this to burn some pent up energy in their body.

Expressing Pain Or Discomfort

Whining can also mean that they are experiencing some discomfort or pain. It is their way of telling us what is happening in and out of their body. For the most part, the whining is their way of calming themselves rather than getting attention.

If they still keep on whining after you eliminated all probable cause, they might need some medical help from your vet to get rid of it.

Indicating Stress

It is a common trait for a Yorkie to whine if they are feeling anxious or afraid of something. This type of whining can be accompanied by submission gestures like yawning or averting their eyes. It can happen as well that they whine and then yawn afterward or occurring together.

By showing this gesture, they are trying to calm down and send a signal to their owner that it is not a threat. With this type of whining, you can tell it by looking at their flattened ears and tucked tail.

How To Stop Whining

If your Yorkie is whining too much, it is best to figure out the cause and learn the reason before you address it. Some people don’t mind the little whining because eventually, it will come and go, but a few can barely tolerate it. The good news, you can minimize it or even get rid of it.

Pay Attention

It is very important to pay attention to the sound of your Yorkies whining and any other behaviors attached to it. Over some time, you will notice some differences with the tone and pitch of it. For instance, there’s a whine that corresponds to “I want something” or “I am bored.” Then when you hear an entirely different whine, this can help you figure out the cause might be pain or discomfort.

Use A Different Approach

When approaching your Yorkie, handle it gently if the whine is different from the regular whine. It just means that they are in pain or distress. You don’t want to add more stress to them by calling them out loud or even being physical with them. If you didn’t handle it gently, the whining will turn into aggression and can escalate further.

Find The Source Of Whining

Find the source of their whining can be quite tricky, but it is worth the shot. Dogs can experience fear and phobias, just like humans. Once you’re able to determine their fear, you might need to revisit some training to overcome their fear.

Give Them What They Want

Give your Yorkie what they want under special conditions. For instance, if they want to go out for a potty break, put them on a leash, and go outside. It is one way of handling this kind of scenario rather than reinforce indoor elimination.

Improve Their Environment

The key to less whining is if there’s too much for them to play around. Make sure you have plenty of toys for them to keep them busy and entertained. Also, give them exercise to keep their body and mind occupied. A Yorkie with high physical and mental energy is more likely to whine.


To conclude, Yorkies, like any other dog, exhibits whining. In normal cases, it comes, and it goes depending on how the dog owner handles it. Avoid unintentionally encouraging your Yorkie to whine, and you can manage excessive whining with basic training and exercise.

Be patient and be consistent no matter what you do. You might not be able to get rid of the whining, but at least you can minimize it on a tolerable level.