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Why Does My Yorkie Lick Everything? Licking is a canine way of giving a kiss, so when your Yorkie licks you, it is expressing its love for you as its owner. Dogs, such as Yorkies, don’t always understand the word stop. They will still jump all over you, licks you everywhere, and then when they are done with you, they will lick everything that they can lick, which is odd behavior.

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Why does my Yorkie lick everything? A potential cause for licking is allergies. While licking is not a serious matter, your dogs might be experiencing allergies on their skin or paws that causes the itch. It is more likely that they scratch, bite, and lick to it to subside the pain.

Apart from love and affection, here are some of the reasons why your Yorkie licks everything:

Attention Seeking

Behavioral reasons can explain dog licks rather than medical reasons. This particular behavior involves dog licking or grooming themselves, furniture, or even you! They do this often because they like the saltiness of their owner’s skin, a sign of affection, or just a habit and boredom.

Aside from that, it can also be their calming or soothing routine. Yorkies do love attention, and they are smart enough to get what they want. They realized that the more lick they provide, the more comfort, love, and affection they will get. It is one of the reasons why Yorkies are affection seeker. They always love to cuddles and have a ball of energy so they can get what they want.

Licking To Communicate

Licking is one way to express their feelings and emotions. It has been a part of dog body language and communication since the beginning of time. When a dog licks another dog, this expresses sympathy. And when dogs of the opposite sex lick each other, it means a sign of courtship. You know what that means, the more lick you got, the more affection you get from your Yorkie.

Showing Respect

Licking can also be interpreted as a sign of obedience. It means they show enough respect to their owners. It is good behavior and even a good result of having authority and respect for each other.

Investigating And Exploring

Dog lick to let themselves explore. This behavior can allow them to gather an amount of information about the area using their tongue. Dogs have a fraction of the tastebuds like what humans have. So licking is not only for tasting for them. It has something to do with texture and smell.

It might be a strange thing for others, but by licking, the odor is lifted to the roof of their mouth and eventually reaching the nose.


Overall, Yorkies, like any other dog, loves to lick. They may enjoy licking their owner’s faces, themselves, or an object. It does not pose any threat to their overall health physique. If you find anything that is not normal, like those that are mentioned above, it might be a good idea to share this with your vet and talk about it on your next visit.

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