How To Potty Train An Older Yorkie

Nursing and training to an adult Yorkie can be challenging because it already has their way of lifestyle. To avoid them from going outside and to prevent from having accidents, luring them into potty training to go indoor would be an effective idea.

How to Potty Train an Older Yorkie? Putting them into potty training, you must consider selecting a nice and quiet space for them, their post-feeding habits, and the use of commands and praises so they can follow your orders perfectly.

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In this article, Yorkie masters should be able to know the fundamental steps in potty training them and the benefits of the training to adult Yorkies.

Steps In Potty Training

Yorkies are known to be indoor dogs for the reason that they have small bladders to hold their dirt. The training must start where you have to place puppy pads away from their foods so that they won’t be eliminated near to their eating area.

Choose A Quiet Corner

It’s best to confine them in an area, where there are less noise and traffic, to avoid accidents outside the puppy pads. Also, choose an area where you’re not regularly present, so they can be at times independent and would prevent them from creating spots on your furniture.

Post-Feeding Habits

You can take the Yorkie out of the pad about 20 minutes after eating because they tend to eliminate or exercise after eating. Take them to a small stroll every morning and consistently bring them to the indoor potty spot.

Verbal Command And Praises

Use the word “Potty” every time you command them for a bathroom break and give them praises and rewards when they are eliminated on the pad. Continue with this training until they regularly learn to discipline themselves to eliminate on the pad.

Tips And Warnings In Potty Training

Accidents can sometimes be unavoidable, especially when there are misplaced clothes and towels around their pads. The potty training would take longer if they continue to be stubborn against your command.

Take Off The Odor

Sometimes, Yorkies can be a little more of a human because they wanted to be secure of their safety, and they might be sensitive to odor. To ensure a safe and healthy environment for them, clean any accident-prone area outside the puppy pads with an enzymatic cleaner, to make sure no unwanted odors are present.

Be Consistent With The Schedule

Yorkies can get very consistent with their schedule, so the moment both of you wake up in the morning, and before you sleep at night, you can take the Yorkie down for a walk. Both of you can stick to the regular schedule until the Yorkie can only commit minimal mistakes inside the house.


To conclude, it might take a lot of repetitive training and positive reinforcement, but since they are known to be stubborn, competent, and independent, an adult Yorkie can easily catch on. What’s also good in Yorkies is they require less outdoor time so it wouldn’t be a difficult task to potty train them inside the house for more than 6 hours a day.

What Is The Best Shampoo To Use On A Yorkie?

Yorkshire terriers, or Yorkies, technically don’t have fur. As a single-coated breed, they have hair that continuously grows and, thus, has to be cared for through regular combing and trimming. Their hair requires regular shampooing and conditioning, too, to keep it healthy, lustrous and lush.

What is the best shampoo to use on a Yorkie? Since Yorkies tend to have dry and sensitive skin, the best shampoo to use on them is those with gentle ingredients that both clean their hair and moisturize their skin.

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Read on in order to find out more about the best features on a Yorkie-suitable shampoo and the best shampoos we’ve found.

Best Features On A Yorkie-suitable Shampoo

Not all dog shampoos are suitable for the long hair and sensitive skin of Yorkies. Be sure to read the ingredients label to check for potentially harmful ingredients and to read the reviews. We suggest looking for these desirable qualities in a Yorkie-suitable shampoo.

Effective Removal Of Dirt, Dust And Dead Skin Cells

The shampoo should have ingredients that effectively removes the buildup of dirt, dust, and dead skin cells on the hair and skin of your Yorkie. Most dog shampoos are formulated for this primary purpose, so that’s one less factor to consider.  

Body oils in the hair and skin are necessary for keeping your Yorkie’s soft, smooth, and sleek hair as well as healthy skin. But too much and too little of these oils have adverse effects. Too much and his hair will be too oily, too little, and his hair and skin will be too dry.

For this reason, even the best shampoo should be used sparingly. Veterinarians recommend bathing Yorkies once every six weeks and using only a small amount of shampoo.

Neutral pH balance

pH balance refers to the acid-base balance of the body with the standard pH scale from 0 to 14. Dogs have delicate skin with a pH balance between 6.5 and 7.5, which means they have more neutral skin than humans.

If possible, check that the dog shampoo has a pH range falling between 6.5 and 7.5 for safety reasons. At this range, the shampoo has a neutral pH balance, neither alkaline nor acidic. Otherwise, your Yorkie’s skin and hair will be at high risk of allergic reactions, such as irritation, rashes, and even peeling.

Moisturizes And Soothes The Skin And Hair

Keep in mind that Yorkies’ skin and hair are more delicate than human skin and hair. For this reason, the best dog shampoo should contain ingredients that moisturize and soothe these body parts. These ingredients include almond oil, aloe vera, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and peppermint.

The last three ingredients are also useful in terms of giving the Yorkies’ hair and skin a pleasant fragrance without the use of artificial ingredients. Your Yorkie will smell so nicely after every bath that you probably will want to cuddle them more.

We also want to emphasize the ingredients that shouldn’t be in a dog shampoo. First, petroleum and its by-products since these disrupt the skin and hair’s ability to produce their natural oils and, thus, result in dryness. Second, parabens and sodium laureth sulphate can cause allergic reactions in sensitive dogs.

If possible, choose organic shampoos that don’t contain artificial additives and preservatives. Don’t be taken in by the “all-natural, organic, and safe” labels on these products either! You should still check these claims.

Best Shampoos For Yorkies

Based on these factors, we’ve selected five of the best shampoos for Yorkies. Check them below:

MinkSheen Pet Shampoo 4-in-1 Concentrate

What Is The Best Shampoo To Use On A Yorkie?

If you have been looking for a shampoo for a dog with the best value for your money, then the MinkSheen 4-in-1 shampoo is your best choice! Its formulation provides four benefits in a single product:

  • A gentle cleansing shampoo that gently yet effectively removes the buildup of dirt, dust, and dead skin cells on your Yorkie’s skin and hair.
  • A moisturizing coat conditioner that boosts your Yorkie’s smooth, soft and sleek hair. Its mink oil gives your Yorkie’s hair a lustrous sheen.
  • An odor control shampoo that removes bad smells caused by the buildup of dirt and lasts longer than other shampoos.
  • A soothing product that provides relief for irritated skin.
  • Plus, it’s made of natural ingredients, so there’s no risk of allergic reactions.

Nootie Dog Shampoo with Soothing Aloe

What Is The Best Shampoo To Use On A Yorkie?

It is an ultra-safe dog shampoo since it doesn’t contain soap, parabens, and sodium laureth sulfates, all of which are known to have adverse effects on a dog’s delicate skin. Your Yorkie will come out looking clean and smelling fresh after every use of the Nootie dog shampoo, the desired result. You will also love it that it won’t cause allergic reactions in your pet.

Its deodorizing effect, as evidence by your pet’s pleasant smell after every bath, also comes from all-natural ingredients. These are colloidal oatmeal and coconut oil, which also have moisturizing properties.

Tropiclean Hypoallergenic Shampoo For Puppies

What Is The Best Shampoo To Use On A Yorkie?

For Yorkies with sensitive skin or with allergic reactions to regular dog shampoos, the Tropiclean shampoo is a great choice. Made of natural, organic ingredients, it can even be used more frequently since its formulation will not cause allergic reactions. Use it on your Yorkie as recommended, and it will also nourish his skin and hair.

It has a frothy lather that’s easy to work into your Yorkie’s skin and hair, too. Its coconut essence gently removes excess oil as well as dirt, dust, and dead skin cells while leaving it smelling fresh afterward. 

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

What Is The Best Shampoo To Use On A Yorkie?

Made with aloe vera and oatmeal, the Earthbath pet shampoo is best for dry, itchy skin, especially in Yorkies with sensitive skin. The oatmeal aids in the effective removal of dirt, dust, and dead skin cells on your dog’s skin and hair. The aloe vera provides soothing relief from dry skin, too.

Plus, it doesn’t contain soap ingredients, and it’s been formulated with a neutral pH balance.  It’s also compatible for use with topical flea applications so your Yorkie will not only be flea-free but odor-free.

4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

What Is The Best Shampoo To Use On A Yorkie?

Made with aloe vera and lemongrass, the 4-Legger dog shampoo is as organic as they come! The lemongrass has mild antiseptic properties useful in removing odors as well as dirt, dust, and dead skin cells. The aloe vera can soothe and moisturize the skin. 

It has a rich lather, too, that makes it easy to wash your Yorkie’s entire body with just a pea-sized amount of shampoo. But it also washes off easily and leaves a great scent that lasts for days.


To summarize, Yorkies’ hair and skin deserve the best possible love and care, and it starts with choosing the right shampoo. There may be dozens of products available, but be sure to choose based on its gentle yet effective ingredients.

How Do I Keep My Yorkie Entertained?

Modern pet parents usually have a very busy lifestyle that they tend to forget their dogs at home and don’t give them enough attention. For this reason, their dogs will find a way to entertain themselves either by licking or chewing different objects that they can find at home. But to keep them from doing undesirable actions, you can apply so many ways to get them preoccupied, even if you are busy.

How do I keep my Yorkie entertained? Give your dog some toys to play and include some treats to enhance their mental capacity and logical thinking. Also, physical activities like a game of tag, hide and seek, and fetch game are both beneficial for pet owners and Yorkies.

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In this article, you will find what Yorkies do for fun and how to keep them entertained whenever you are not around or if your attention is not on them. These are among the most essential things that you need to be aware of in order for them to avoid getting bored as well as develop mental disorders. You can check some of the toys that are readily available in the market today in order to help you entertain your pets..

Benefits Of Keeping Your Yorkie Occupied

Sometimes dogs do get in trouble when they are bored. We are their primary source of entertainment, so if they do not get that attention from us, they deliberately focus on other things that will get them entertained or occupied. This gradually leads our pets to destroy our personal stuff like shoes and furniture all over the house.

By playing with your dogs, you can decrease the possibility of them developing mental behaviors such as excessive barking or chewing. The quality of play a dog can get is a good indicator that they will have a happy and healthy life.

Some of the tips that you can apply to keep your Yorkie entertained are as follows:

Go For A Walk

Walking is a very crucial routine of a Yorkie. Regardless of the weather outside, they need to go for a walk. It is because this is the perfect timing to burn some excess fats and exercise. It is also a way of burning off some of that pent-up energy they have been developing inside their tiny body. It enhances their senses and a good bonding time for your Yorkie, where you can teach some tricks that could lead to the training activity.

Playing With A Flirt Pole

A Flirt Pole is a giant cat tickler for dogs. It is an amazing toy for Yorkies because they can get to their instinct as being a ratting dog. All you have to do is to move it and then tease your Yorkie with it, and eventually, they will chase it. It is an excellent activity for them because it gives them

How Do I Keep My Yorkie Entertained

Stuffing Kongs With Yorkies Favorite Treats

Kong Toys are pretty popular dog toys, and they have been supplying a great gift to mankind because you can never go wrong with them, and Yorkies love it! If you want to keep your Yorkie preoccupied, all you need to do is to stuff some of their favorite insides. Then, you are good to go. You can put some peanut butter in there or their favorite freeze broth insider.

How Do I Keep My Yorkie Entertained

Kong Toys are made from non-toxic, indestructible, and dishwasher safe materials. They come in different sizes and have indentations and different shapes, so your Yorkies will find it amusing and appetizing at the same time.

Play Interactive Games

Interactive games like Nino Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Puzzle are games that give dogs some mental training at the same time having fun. It is originally from Sweden, in this game, you can hide the treats in the hollows under the brick compartments which then your Yorkie has to slide or open to gain access,

How Do I Keep My Yorkie Entertained

These type of game can help your Yorkie to build up some confidence and critical thinking. It is an excellent way to keep them occupied while being entertained at the same time.

Make Your Yorkie Work For Their Food

Yes, Yorkies have a very easy and comfortable life, a nice and warm bed, love and affection, and above all, free food, thanks to their human parents. But even if we do not spoil them, dogs are natural scavengers. They will hunt or find food for themselves, even if you feed them or not. Not only that, but it improves their physique, it also improves their mental capacity.

One of the easiest ways to introduce mind-boggling challenges is to give them food-dispensing toys like the Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball. This is the type of toy where you can fill the balls with treats, and your Yorkie has to find out how to get those treats without your help.

How Do I Keep My Yorkie Entertained

Puzzle Toys For Yorkies

Puzzles are a great form of entertainment even if it’s for Yorkies. There are so many puzzle toys available in the market right now, one of them is Outward Hound Dog Casino Puzzle Toy. This particular toy helps critical and analytical thinking to dogs so that it will give them enough mental stimulation. Yorkies are born to be very curious. They are nosy in that department, so they want to make sure to solve or at least be aware of what is in front of them.

How Do I Keep My Yorkie Entertained

Having puzzle toys can give occupied and curious, which will be beneficial for their mind and body. All you have to do is to fill in the trays with their favorite treats. Then, you are good to go. They will play for it for hours until they get the treats that they are longing for.

Play A Game Of Fetch

Yorkies love to play fetch, and they can get pretty competitive when it comes to this game, so fair warning, you need to be physically prepared unless you have an automatic toy machine, like iFetch Frenzy. This toy is not just a launcher, but it is more like a game. Your Yorkie drops the ball at the top, and it pushes to find it as it randomly rolls out of 3 chutes at the base. It is a good toy

But if you do not have the luxury to get a toy machine, you can always purchase a ball, West Paw Durable Ball, and you will be the one to throw it, and your Yorkie will pick it up for you. It is a good bonding experience as well as proper obedience training for Yorkies.

Introduce Them To Plush Toys

Plush Toys are considered to be comfort toys when it comes to Yorkies. These types of toys have sentimental values that are why some dogs kept them and will not let go of them. For some dogs, these plush toys should be small enough to carry around. Some dogs give up on their instinct and tend to “kill” their plush toys to assert dominance, and they choose to get the bigger ones to prevent them from choking on it.

One brand that offers good plush toys is ZippyPaws. They have different variations from fuzzy to hedgehogs that make a squeaky sound when touched. It has a measurement of 18 inches long and has different designs, including a fox, a raccoon, and a squirrel. They last very long because they do not have stuffings that most dogs are accustomed to destroy.

Play A Game Of Tug of War

Games are fun when you both enjoy it at the same time. Playing a game of tug of war with your Yorkie is the best way to engage in a meaningful and playful approach when it comes to games. It is a mental and physical activity for your Yorkie as it administers how their body can cope up with such strength.

On the contrary to unpopular opinion, a tug of wag does not make your Yorkie aggressive or dominant. Letting your dog win makes it fun and playful for them. It gives them self confidence and tends to be more obedient.

You can use anything as a prop for the game, but when you are playing tug of war when you are a child, the first thing that pops in your mind is a rope. The great news is, dogs have rope toys, you can use Nollary Pet Dogs Cotton Rope Chew Toys for a perfect toy you and your Yorkie to play with.


Overall, finding the perfect activity or toys to play with is never a difficult task. You can find lots of toys in the market today where you can pick from a vast majority, depending on your needs. Either you go for interactive and puzzle games or you with the physical games where it involves you as their owner and your Yorkie.

Playing games with your Yorkie is a fun way to learn things about them and vice versa. It is an excellent technique to introduce them to different fun activities that not only they will find interesting but also entertaining.

Do Yorkies Like to Wear Clothes?

Yorkshire Terriers are very adorable and cute pets that you can single-handedly take anywhere you go. Because of their adorable features and statuesque, they easily became the target of dog fashion. There are many clothes available online and the local shop that promotes dog fashion because it’s necessary to keep them warm during cold weather.

Do Yorkies like to wear clothes? Yes, they enjoyed it as much as humans do. Most of Yorkie’s clothing is very durable and comfortable to wear. Accordingly, there are top 3 clothes that best-fit your pet, which are Sweaters, British-styled Plaid Dog Vest, and 2-Layered Fleece.

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In this article, everything about the Yorkie Fashion will be discussed, such as its features and importance, without breaking your bank accounts while picking many outfit picks.

Top 3 Outfits for Yorkies

Your Yorkie may not be used in wearing clothes, but the clothes included in the list is essential in keeping them warm and making them fluffier and cuter.

Sweater Fashion

The sweater fashion is always used during fall and winter collections and comes in various designs, colors, and sizes. Sweater clothes, aside from its comfortable fabrics, would make them look whimsical and adorable. They are warm, so every Yorkie should feel comfortable wearing it.

Do Yorkies Like to Wear Clothes?

Cozy British-style Plaid Dog Vest

To wrap them up comfortably would be the greatest goal, especially when they tried dog vests during the winter season. This winter coat is mostly made out of water-resistant fabrics, polyester, and cotton. It is also windproof as the vest can snug closely to your Yorkie’s body.

Do Yorkies Like to Wear Clothes?

2-Layered Fleece Vest

This kind of vest is perfect for the cold season and is layered internally with a fleece. This vest is made of polyester material to keep your Yorkie warm when the weather turns cold. It is stylish, available in different colors, and the O ring is attached to the pullover where the leash can be inserted.

Do Yorkies Like to Wear Clothes?

Uses Of Yorkies Clothing

While it’s mainly overemphasized that clothing for dogs is made to keep them warm, this can also be used on different occasions and simply for fashion purposes.

Casual Wear

Yorkies can be taken anywhere, even in big stores that allow access for pets. You can make your Yorkie pup with you, and they will surely be eye-candy to many people. A casual outfit can have a combination of a hat, a t-shirt, and a pair of jeans.

Beach Attire

Since all the mentioned clothing is meant for the winter season, some outfits can be used at the beach or in any places with hot temperatures. It would be a combination of bathing suits or bikinis, beach games, and sun hats. Also, there are a lot of accessories that can be matched to their outfits, like a bone-shaped towel or sunglasses.


To summarize, Yorkies are cute dogs that anyone is asking to have one. They’re like humans too, that had a taste for fashion. Just remember that when choosing a good set of clothing, take note of their gender and their size.

How To Train Yorkie With Clicker

Yorkies love to please their human owners, and they repeat their behaviors to get whatever they want. It is why they must catch on some tricks and commands so they will get a treat for following directions. You might have heard the clicker training. It’s a tool that makes positive reinforcement training more successful.

How to train Yorkie with a clicker? Using a clicker tool, push and release the spring end then make a two-toned click. Timing is crucial, but don’t be disappointed if your pet stops, it is perfectly normal. Click the tool once more to end the activity then give your pet a treat.

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In this article, you will learn about the basics of clicker training and some tips and techniques to use so you can achieve a smooth clicker training with your Yorkie

What Is Clicker Training?

Clicker training is a common reinforcement training that involves a positive behavior approach when it comes to dogs learning tricks or commands. This particular training consists of a clicker, which is a metal strip inside a small compact, making a very distinct sound when pressed. The procedure is that once you pressed on the click button, you give them treats.

How To Train Yorkie With Clicker

Get Started With Clicker Training

If you’ve never used a clicker before, the first step of the training is to introduce it to your dog. Once you have a clicker, the next to consider is the treat. Press the click one time and then give them their favorite treat. Repeat this multiple times so your dog will get the hang of it. Once they understand that the click sounds equals something excellent and tasty, you can proceed with the next training steps.

Implementing Clicker Training

If you’re just getting started with the clicker training, you would first establish a basic command such as sit. Give your Yorkie the command, and at the exact moment, they sit, press the clicker, and give them a treat.

How To Train Yorkie With Clicker

Routine is essential to dogs, so repeat this process as much as possible until your dog gets it. Make sure only to click when they’re successful with the command. Usually, Yorkies can catch on pretty quickly using this method and can pretty much get the gist of it. This repetitive training will notify their mindset that a click is equal to something awesome and tasty. They to clicker training is to have the perfect timing as soon as your dog executed the desired behavior.

Clicker Training Mistakes To Avoid

This training is an excellent way to help your Yorkies with basic commands and to learn new tricks, but sometimes it can get pretty confusing to them when misused. When using the clicker, remember to click it once, if you click more than once, your Yorkie might get confused about what kind of behavior you want them to pursue. And the key will always be the treats.


To conclude, clicker training overall is the best training you want to implement to your little furries. It’s a good activity for dogs as not only it develops their way of thinking, but it also serves as a good bonding experience between dog owners and their dogs.

Yorkies always look up to their owners. With a clicker, you have easy access to them, and it can serve as a good way of communicating with them directly.

How To Leash Train A Yorkie Puppy

Yorkshire Terriers are independent and competent pups that don’t like wearing collars for the first time because it restricts their movements, and that also happens when they are bounded in leash. But, these things can be changed if the owner adds some elements of fun to make them obey in your order.

How to leash train a Yorkie puppy? The first thing you need to do is to attach the collar at the Yorkie’s neck. Afterward, teach them a cue, and practice both indoors and outdoors. It will help them to remember the training.

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In this article, you will learn some fundamental steps on how to leash them your Yorkie and some alternative solutions that can be used just in case they refuse to obey.

Steps Of Leash Training

The concept behind putting your Yorkie a leash is to keep them disciplined at all times and to make them obey your orders. Here are the basic steps of leash training:

Introduce The Leash

It is important to let them wear a light collar, so they won’t easily be strangled or get uncomfortable. Let them wear a leash for a while, while also teaching them that it’s equivalent for food, fun, and more rewards.

Teach A Cue

When they are on a leash, then try to teach them that being on the leash means “food is coming.” You can also try out some methods, such as clicking your tongue and using the word yes. When the Yorkie recognizes the cue, they would automatically come running towards you and walk with you with a few paces.

Practice Indoor And Outdoor

Now that your Yorkie can now comprehend when to come to you, practice walking with him a few steps inside the room and challenge him to go outdoors. Use sound and sight signals to make them come to you. Be patient with them as this part comes with a lot of distraction at first. However, when they are used to it, they can easily pull it off.

Troubleshooting Steps Of Leash Training

With many distractions around them, it would make them disobey your commands. But you have to be prepared for Plan Bs all the time.

If He Pulls

Just in case that your Yorkie starts pulling his leash in the other direction, then stand still and never move. He would eventually get tired running until he comes back to you. Never drag the dog because they might get strangled by doing so.

If He Lunges

When your dog encounters a major distraction, perhaps another dog, then try to redirect his attention. His attention span is very short, so there’s a huge chance that his focus will come back to you in no time. The most effective way to redirect him is to lure with a treat.


As a conclusion, since Yorkies are known to be skillful with their tasks, then as time goes by that they are used to their leashes, then you can reduce their treats and the number of troubleshooting.

How To Train A Yorkie Not To Lick ~ People have a lot of opinions about dog licking. Some people love it, and some people don’t, we all have preferences. No matter how you view licking, this is typical behavior for most dogs, especially Yorkies, because they are the most affectionate dog breed ever existed.

How to train a Yorkie not to lick? The best technique to stop them from licking is to give commands to “stop” and then hand out a perfect kibble when they followed the command. Keep doing this routine until your Yorkie gets it.

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If you are interested to know the causes and prevention of the licking behavior, this short read is for you. Let’s get into it.

Why Do Yorkies Lick?

Dogs see the world in a hierarchy, within the house they live has a pack, this includes humans and other pets in the family. In the pack, there is always a leader. They are called the Alphas, who are in charge of leading the Betas. Yorkshire Terriers sees their owners as Alpha, and that means they show some level of dismissive behavior in ways of licking.

Asking For Food

This type of behavior is directed to their owners. Some Yorkie puppies lick their humans as a way to request for food, they usually do this to their parents when asking for food or attention. It was in their instinct to do it that way, so they treated you the same thing they treated their parents, by licking.

Their Way Of Cleaning Themselves

It is not just cats who do this to themselves. Dogs have been practicing this kind of behavior since the dawn of time. If your Yorkie stops licking themselves to the point that they remove their fur or creating some sores, there might be an underlying behavioral issue, and it needs some medical guidance from your vet.

How To Stop A Dog From Licking?

Once you’re able to identify the cause, it will be a lot easier to tone down the licking issue. It is now the time to change some environment issue that is associated with licking.


Yorkies might find your sweat endearing to lick because of its saltiness. If your Yorkie tends to lick you after a sweat exercise or a run, try to dry it using a towel and then take a shower. While doing this, don’t forget to give them a toy or stuffed Kong to keep them busy with something else that is tasty.

Food-Begging Lickers

For most the dogs, this behavior will fade as they grow up, but this behavior is pretty much likely to be linked in their compulsive lickers.

To reduce this kind of behavior, avoid rewarding them with too much attention. Both positive and negative licking should be avoided. But make sure to give it some treats whenever they accomplished good behavior that you do want.


Overall, licking is not a bad thing, and it is the most common behavior for dogs. It is their way of showing love and affection to their owners. It is also their way of communication when something is good or bad happening in the household.

How To Train A Yorkie To Give Paw ~ In every fun game and activity, people tend to express their enjoyment and competence through “high-fives.” Since Yorkshire Terriers or commonly called Yorkies are adorable, fun-loving pets, they can also learn how to paw, especially when they feel victorious over their completed chores for the day.

How to train a Yorkie to give paw? There are only two steps in teaching them to paw. The first step is to make them sit down on the floor, facing towards you. The second step is to tell them to give you a high-five.

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In this article, you will learn some helpful tips on how to train them to paw and briefly discuss some tips and warnings.

Steps To Train A Yorkie To Give Paw

Training Yorkies can be roughly challenging, but they can adapt to the training once you are teaching them regularly. In teaching them to paw, Yorkie owners can try the Sit-High Five method.


You can sit with your Yorkie on the floor while they are facing you. Allow him to see the treat, but only hold it between your fingers and never give it to them unless she’ll follow your command. Make him follow the treat with its smell so that she can sit on her hind end. If she does, then praise her and reward her. If she doesn’t, alternatively push her hind with your free hand.


While the dog is sitting with you, hold the treat in one hand and tell them enthusiastically to high-five while you’re raising your hand, with your palm facing him. If he can’t get it right for the first time, assist her in taking her paw and reaching to your open hand while saying high-five. Repeat this particular step until she gets it. Once she can independently paw, you can reward her for a job well done.

Few Notes to Remember

Your Yorkie is competent enough to understand the fundamentals of every training and fun tricks, but every time they are successful in performing their tasks, you can give them their most awaited rewards.


Just in case your Yorkie already knows how to high-five, it is also better to teach them other tricks, like how to shake. Using both tricks can be confusing at times, but with consistent training, they can manage to differentiate.


Yorkies can be sensitive, especially some of them don’t like to have their paws touched. To avoid painful nail scratches, you have to trim their nails too short or if your Yorkie has an unpleasant experience before by having stepped on their tiny feet, assure them that it’s okay by rubbing and touching their feet often.


To conclude, when training your Yorkie, it’s important to be specific with your command and remember that whatever tricks you are teaching them, they will instill it in their memory, and this training will be worth your time and effort. As they learn the basics, it’s also best to build on harder tricks, such as dancing, play dead, and twirling.

How To Train A Yorkie To Come? Yorkshire Terrier, or commonly called Yorkie, is one of the most popular and adorable dog breeds in the world due to its understated personality and cuteness. Despite its small size, Yorkie is known to be a territorial and smart watchdog.

How to Train a Yorkie to Come? Try playing hide and seek with them and call them out excitedly. Also, take note never to call them out to do something they hate because they may connect it with negative things.

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In this article, each Yorkie master may be able to learn the basic training strategies that they can teach to their dogs, starting with minimizing their distraction up to learning the three steps of commanding them to come.

Basic Strategies To Train Yorkies

The first thing that you have to do starts with yourself, where you have to be knowledgeable about the dog you were raising. As mentioned, they can be watchdogs and have a strong temperament of a big dog trapped in a small dog’s body. In any way, they are generally strong and quick learners.

The Positive Reinforcements

Just like every human’s mindset, Yorkies can work effectively when they know there’s going to be a reward at the end. They became more responsive and displayed positive behavior in reward-based training. However, when using reward reinforcement to motivate them, be careful to overfeed them and only give them treats with enough nutritional value.

Never Punish the Dog

When Yorkies are misbehaving during the training, it’s better to scold them attentively, because they might want your attention. Ignoring their bad performances will only make it worse, as they may develop a habit of repeating their mistakes. Set clear boundaries to your dog in a scolding manner about what is allowed and what’s forbidden.

Tips In Training Yorkies To Come

Training is essential to every dog, in general, because it may save their lives, like running towards the traffic and running too much across your neighbor’s lane. There are three basic rules in training them to come:

Don’t Call Them To Do Something They Hate

One perfect example of their hatest activities is taking a bath. Yorkies are intuitive, and he will associate this activity to something more negative and, eventually, would lead them not to obey or come to you.

Be Excited And Ecstatic Calling Him Out

Yorkies would love an energetic master, and they would feel at home when you’re ecstatic to be with him. However, if they don’t come running after telling them to go, try to crouch down with open arms and relax. They would love to cuddle and play in that position rather than to be intimidated in a severe and straight posture.

Play Hide And Seek

Yorkies can be clingy, and even if they are independent, that doesn’t equate to how much they wanted to have you around. If she didn’t respond to your “come” command, then try to hide somewhere, where they can start looking for you. If they found you, reward her and praise her.


As a dog owner, it is most important to extend more patience, and for the Yorkie to fully impress you, it might take a considerable amount of time. You can also apply the same tips when you teach them to roll over, shake, and sit. After repetitive training, dogs can finally understand and develop positive behavior towards his chores.

How To Stop A Yorkie From Peeing In The House? When you get a dog, you inevitably face in a lot of circumstances when it comes to feeding and potty training. It can be frustrating sometimes when they constantly pee all around the house. Inappropriate urination might be an issue on going inside their body and needed to be addressed as soon as possible.

How to stop a Yorkie from peeing in the house? Finding a perfect place for them to pee will be a good start. Observe them, and once you know they are in the act of urinating, transfer them gently and have them pee in that particular location. Keep this a routine until your Yorkie figured out.

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In this article, you’ll find some helpful insights on how to prevent peeing in the house and some tips to eliminate this behavior.

Why Do Dogs Pee in the House?

This kind of behavior is often called inappropriate urination. Peeing in the house is a common issue with Yorkies. Usually, this should have been addressed during their puppyhood. If your Yorkie is still a puppy, then the house training is not complete yet. You need to take more time to train them again until they were able to pick it up.

If you have an adult Yorkie that has been house trained but still giving you signs of inappropriate urination, you might need to check some health issues before you proceed with behavioral causes for this scenario.

How to Stop Your Yorkie From Urinating in the House

For whatever reasons, do not give up on training your Yorkie. It might be a bit challenging, but it is worth the wait. Be patient with your companion and try one step at a time when giving instructions.

Identify the Trigger

You need to identify the trigger that is making them pee. It’s very common that when they have anxiety, they tend to pee. Eliminate the trigger as soon as you found it or change the elements of the environment to help calm your Yorkie.

For instance, avoid going in for walks when it is too crowded and noisy outside. Play some white noise inside the house to calm their nerves.

Don’t Hit Or Yell

Never shout or yell at your Yorkie if they urinate inside the house. It will likely backfire, and instead of learning the proper way to urinate, your Yorkie may learn that people are unpredictable and unsafe to be around. It can also cause some behavioral issues with your dog, especially if they are puppies just trying to learn new things.

Clean Up Properly

Once the accident happened, make sure to clean up properly the location that they urinated. Use an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate the smell of the urine. This way, Yorkies will know that it is not okay to pee indoors.


Overall, it not easy to perform this task, as it requires a lot of discipline and patience. You need to be careful with giving instructions as Yorkies do require a lot of time to process all of this in one go. Remember always to have fun and do not take things seriously. It’s a perfect time to have a bond with your one and only little furry Yorkie.