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How Long Does A Yorkie Stay In Heat? If you’re a female Yorkshire Terrier owner, you can expect your dog to experience a heat cycle or also known as estrus. Heat is a phase where a female’s dog’s reproductive cycle becomes open for mating. A lot of new dog owners will come across this phase once in their life, and you might be thinking and asking yourself a lot of questions about the whole process.

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Having a dog in heat is either good news or bad news for some. Here is good news for some dog owners who want to continue the lineage of their dogs and produce offsprings. However, it is bad news at the same time because it opens up about the issue of ovarian cancer for dogs. It is also a hard time for you since a lot of dogs will come around and sniff your dogs since they can sense her smell from afar.

A female Yorkie normally undergoes a heat cycle at the age of six up to eight months. The heat cycle, in general, can last from two weeks to even a month. Each heat cycle phase varies from one another. Some times it takes a while or shorter. For example, your Yorkie’s first heat can last for two weeks, and the next heat cycle will last for four weeks. It is primarily because of their age. As they grow older, the schedule will start to change.

Signs and Symptoms That Your Yorkie Is In Heat

One thing that you will notice if your dog is in the heat is their swollen vulva. It is a good indication that your dog is in heat. Sometimes it becomes darker in color. You want to make sure that you check it beforehand so you can compare the difference. Another thing to look for is their discharge. The color is ranging from whitish-pink to a little dark red. It is also normal to change color over the whole course of their cycle.

And then we have the nesting behavior. It usually happens to dogs who are in heat. There is a female hormone that causes them to develop short-term nesting behavior. They may stockpile their toys in their area to mother them. You can also experience a change in mood. They become more clingy or want to retreat more often.

Lastly, a change in appetite. Most of the dogs, a Yorkshire Terrier, in particular, eat more during their heat cycle, some dogs eat less because they have some discomfort feeling in their body.

Taking Care of Yorkies In Heat

One way to take care of your dogs in hear is to give attention to them. Give them less food, but make sure always to keep their water bowl full. You need to make sure that they have a clean and cozy area away from all discomfort and disturbances.


Overall, dogs are one of the most precious things in the world. Always give them quality time, play with your Yorkie. You will notice that they sometimes show violent behavior, but that is perfectly normal. Regardless if they are in hear or not, make sure to give them the best care that you can get and love them unconditionally.

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