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Why Does My Yorkie Growl At Me?

Many Yorkie owners have an idea of why their Yorkies are growling. When you hear your Yorkie growling, it can be alarming sometimes. It is because growling leads to aggression, and it is the first warning that they might bite.

Why does my Yorkie growl at me? The most common reasons are that your Yorkie is frightened, possesses aggression, territorial issues, and sometimes pain. Some Yorkies even growl when they are playing. You see this when two dogs play, and it can be a sign of a healthy play session and does not pose aggressive behavior.

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In this article, you will learn about Yorkie’s growling temperament and the potential causes of this kind of behavior.

Why Does A Yorkie Growl?

This behavior is a form of communication for dogs. It can be interpreted as their way of saying if they are unhappy or uncomfortable. Some Yorkies will tell you through their body language what they need, and if you didn’t catch up, they would eventually try to growl at you.

It is essential to their body language as it can indicate their growling level if its healthy growl or not as It might lead to a dog fight. You can also notice that Yorkies growl when playing tug of war with you. But these are gentle growls and don’t pose a threat, neither a bad sign in terms of their behavior. If they come and try to bite you or the growling gets very intense, you might need to revisit some of the training sessions you have to discipline them.

Potential Causes Of Growling

When trying to find the potential cause, you might need to figure out why they are growling to prevent some aggression. It is a serious matter since it’s an indication that your pet might start to bite you if you don’t stop it.


Yorkies often growl when they are scared. For instance, this can be manifested when they meet some strangers for the first time. Their automatic response is to growl at them, and it’s their way of saying to back off.

Possession Aggression

Yorkies growl when you try to touch their possession. It includes food, a toy, or just a bone. They growl when someone tries to come near to their possession. For them, it looks like you are trying to get their food or toy without their permission, so they want to make the noise of growling to let you know that it’s for them or just back off.


Overall, Yorkies growling is not a severe medical problem and more on the behavioral side. It can be easily treated. You need to revisit your dog’s training and let them know that you mean no harm. The detriment here is that a lot of dog owners don’t know how to handle this kind of behavior. As a result, they attribute human emotions to their Yorkies – and dogs aren’t human, and they do not process all of that is happening to them the way humans do.