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Why Does My Yorkie Snort Like A Pig? Yorkies are adorable no one can deny that, but sometimes they produce a sound that is questionable and sometimes alarming to their dog parent.

Dogs, regardless of age, lifestyle, and breed, make snorting sound from time to time. You may be wondering why are they doing that often or if it is unusual.

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Why does my Yorkie snort like a pig? Your dog might be experiencing reverse sneezing when they snort like a pig. Reverse sneezing isn’t really a sneeze. It is a condition where your pet extends its neck and begin producing gasping noises.

Below are some factors that may cause your dog to snort like a pig. Learn them to determine if your dog needs medical attention when they make such kind of sound.

Dog Snorting — What Causes It?

Your dog reverse-sneeze maybe because there is something that irritates its soft palate. It is the soft, fleshy tissue extension of the roof of its mouth, and throat which can lead to a spasm.

The irritation affects the trachea, and then it will become narrow, making it harder to breathe. As a result, your dog will act like gasping for air.

While many people will see this as very alarming, there is nothing more to this condition than an irritation in the soft palate and throat.

It is considered to be not harmful. It is not a life-threatening condition, and your dog will recover on its own without medical intervention.

Treatment For Dog Snorting

In most cases, no medical treatment is necessary for reverse sneezing.

Once your Yorkie figures out to exhale through the nose, the attack is usually over. There are small instances where they develop underlying illnesses from it or suffer any risk during this attack.

To help your Yorkie to get through this kind of episode, you can simply massage their throat or cover their nose to make them swallow.

This way, it would clear out whatever is irritating their throat.

Another thing to try is to hold out their tongue. This process can help it to force more air into its nasal passage.

You will know when it is over when your pet stop sneezing.

There are some signs to look out for that could indicate a severe episode.

These signs are a discharge that is coming from the nose or a bloody nose. Any deformity that will make you think this isn’t right, lack of appetite and energy, and breathing problems.

These indicators should not be taken lightly. You might also consider taking a trip to the vet.


Overall, this pig impression is more like a physical phenomenon happening inside your Yorkies’ body.

As mentioned above, this is not a severe manifestation but rather just a spasm. When your dog snorts like a pig, it is still better to keep an eye on them.

When the episode is over, give them some love and kisses to comfort them.

A reverse sneezing might not be the most comfortable to your furry baby, but they could use a cuddle or two to assure them that they are fine.

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