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Are Yorkies Smart?

Beyond Yorkshire Terrier, adorable brown eyes and silky hair lies an intelligent mind. Irresistible cuteness and pampered, Yorkies love to show their affection to their owners. This breed is one of the most naturally intelligent and quick to learn dog. They will captivate you with their charm whenever they are around. It is why they are the perfect breed of dogs in every household there is.

Are Yorkies smart? Yorkies are incredibly intelligent. They can learn very quickly every training you give to them. Their ability to anticipate and recognize is far greater compared to other canine breeds.

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In this short read, you will find out why Yorkshire Terriers are considered to be one of the smartest dog breeds. And what makes them irresistible for dog lovers out there.

Yorkies’ Intelligence

Yorkies may not be the smartest of all the other canine breed, but they have their kind of intelligence. They captivate you with their beauty, charm, and brains. As most people are aware, Yorkies love to please their owners.

They have this ability where they can easily learn any tricks or training you give to them. It is why they are considered to be famous among other breeds. Throughout history, they are originally bred to hunt down mice and other vermin in factories and coal mines.

But nowadays, they live among humans as their house pets. These dogs are undeniably adorable and they bring joy to families as they comprehend well with their owner’s instructions.

Easy To Train, Socialize

One way to prove Yorkies intelligence is by its training. They are the best dogs to train as they can understand it with minimal instructions. Yorkies are fast-learners, as long as you follow their routine process on a day to day basis. They can easily adjust to any environment as long as it is non-threatening to them.

Yorkshire Terriers are also agile. And they like to play games and other sports activities. Aside from that, they can understand logic through interactive treat puzzle toys. You only have to bear in mind since they are active dogs. They tend to bark a lot. Train them properly to control their barking behavior.

Are Yorkies Smart?

How Yorkies Performed

Statistically speaking, Yorkies have above-average performance. They performed better compared to over 100 breeds of dogs. They even landed on the 34th spot. It means that, on average, time, they can learn a new command in only 15 to 25 repetitions. You can teach them some tricks in just one afternoon.

Not only are they fast-learners, but they are also considered to be obedient dogs. They can obey a command with a 70% chance or better success rate.

Yorkies are as intelligent as Dalmatians, Samoyeds, Newfoundlands, Giant Schnauzers, and Bearded Collies. Do not underestimate a Yorkie based only on their size.


Overall, Yorkies are smart dogs. Aside from being intelligent, they also show compassion to their owners. They will treat you as their supreme and will follow you wherever you go in the house. It is why they are the most lovable and obedient breed of dog out there. They love to take care of their humans and give back to whatever love comes their way.