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How Long Can A Yorkie Hold Its Bladder? The Yorkshire Terrier, often called as Yorkie, is a toy-size terrier that does not go more than seven pounds in weight. It is primarily known for its floor-length crowning glory that is more like human hair than an animal coat. It has a silky golden tan and steel blue color. Yorkies are long-lived and are lovely little watchdogs.

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You are probably planning to have a Yorkie, or you already have one, and might be wondering how long they can hold their bladder. Well, there is no definite answer to this, but this post could provide the average length of time your dear pet can go without peeing, how often you should attend at their physiological need and more.

A good owner considers his pet’s comfort. And being a good owner involves understanding his pet and its routines, including how he should let his pet out to pee.

Note that all dogs, even the same breed, are different, and there is no fixed answer on how long they can hold their pee. But these are some guidelines we can use.

So, How Long?

An average healthy dog can hold his bladder for 6-8 hours, and should not stay longer than 10 hours without peeing. They should be peed at least 3 to 5 times a day.

However, this still depends on factors such as age, sex, activity, and overall health.

Here is a simple mathematical formula that is used as a common rule for Yorkies: age (in months) + 1 = maximum hours they could hold their bladder. Note that you should not wait for the maximum hours as much as possible. Take your Yorkie out as often as you observed. He is likely to pee.

Younger Yorkies tend to pee more often than the older ones. The bladder of a younger dog has not grown big enough yet, thus limiting its capacity to hold urine. A two-month-old puppy, for instance, will not be able to keep his pee all night. You will have to take him out every couple of hours, and not hold it up to 3 hours.

Who Can Hold It Longer?

Yorkies who are five months and older have more control over their bladder. Thus, they can hold it for a little longer. Still, consider everything longer than eight hours of holding a dog’s bladder as risky. A dog being held by its pee for too long can develop serious health issues such as urinary tract infections, which many Yorkies suffer from. Once or twice is not probably harmful, but the frequent holding of bladder is dangerous.

Aside from the regular peeing routine, Yorkies need to be taken out minutes after activities that fuel their urinary system. There is a fifteen-minute rule in connection to this. Little Yorkies usually need to pee up to fifteen minutes after eating a meal, drinking water, or taking a nap. After each of these activities, walk your Yorkie out or lead him onto the pee pad.


To summarize, all Yorkies might be of the same breed, but they are different from one another. Thus, a pet owner needs to get to know his baby. That involves a lot of patience and observation. The last piece of advice for beginning pet-takers, let the dogs out for three to five times a day. While at that point, carefully observe your pup and see if you need to bring him out more often or not. By doing this, you would be able to closely supervise your Yorkie and provide the best care a good owner does for his pet.

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