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When Do Yorkie Puppies Open Their Eyes? Having a new litter of newborn Yorkies is equal to the excitement the first you held your newborn baby. There’s one thing that you need to do when a new litter of joy arrived into your house; take care of their Yorkie mommy. Because when Yorkie babies arrived, you can’t do anything yet unless they reached their four weeks old. At first 2-4 weeks, babies are still dependent on their mommy as they still can’t open their eyes.

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First-time fur parents are confused as to when babies can fully open their eyes. Experts said that the first two weeks are crucial and hard for them as they can’t do anything yet- except for smelling and crawling. When they reached their four weeks old, they can fully open their eyes and can move around freely on their own. But even though they can roam around, they still considered vulnerable ones.

Need To Stay Warm

Newborn Yorkies can’t be able to regulate their body temperature. That’s why they are still dependent on their mommy. That is why experts will always remind fur mommies always to keep them in a warm location, away from a drafty one. And aside from the snuggle that their mommy can give, it is recommended that you provide them and an additional source of heat. You can help them by using an electric heating pad, with a blanket or an infrared heat bulb with a clamp lamp.

The heat lamp should be placed above the box to prevent from burning the puppies in case the puppies crawl near to it. But you should provide a cooler temperature place too in case they get too hot. Remember that for its first five days, you need to keep them in their pen with a temperature at around 85 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Proper Care and Nutrition

Since Yorkie babies can’t fully open their eyes until it reached 4th weeks, they still need care and affection. It can be achieved by you, taking care of their mother to ensure that they will produce enough milk for their babies. To be able to ensure that you can give Yorkie mommy quality dog food throughout the day. If you are unsure of the amount to feed to first-time Yorkie mommy, you can seek help from a veterinarian.

Keep also in mind that aside from their eyes finally opening at its 4th week, their teeth will begin to develop too. The sad part is, the production of mother’s milk began to slow down. And when you noticed them start to sneak and smell into their mommy’s food, that’s the sign to start making food for them too.


To conclude, now that you know Yorkie puppies can’t open their eyes until it reached its 4th week, there’s no excuse to be confident. Yorkie mommy still needs your help by taking care of them and ensuring that they will produce milk, enough for their newborn. It is not just learning about when does Yorkie puppies can open their eyes, but on how ready you are regardless of the situation.

Yorkie puppies are such a small type of dogs, that is why it is essential to take care of them intensively. Let them feel like they are your real babies and are ready whenever they need extra affection. Just like humans, first-time Yorkie mommies need extra care to ensure that their newborn will be growing healthy.

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