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Why Does My Yorkie Eat Grass? Yorkies love to go outside. And once they are out, you can see them sniffing around, eat some grass, and then vomits it all up. It is typical behavior for dogs but baffles pet owners. Some surveys said that grass is the most commonly eaten plant by dogs.

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Why does my Yorkie eat grass? Dogs eating grass, are relatively common and natural. A Yorkie might eat some grass either because they are bored, they are curious about the taste of it, or they have something going on in their stomach.

Here are some of the underlying possible reasons why your Yorkie eats grass and some tips on how you can prevent them from doing so:

The Grass Looks Tasty

Dogs, especially Yorkies, are the most curious breeds of dogs. They tend to be that way, which shows whenever they sniff something that is flavorful or has texture, they will eat it. As natural scavengers, they search for food that they think will be a good fill for a nutritional perspective. Or, they want to have a taste of it.

As prevention, some dog owners switch their dog foods into a high-fiber meal. But before doing the same, you should consult your vet before changing their diet meals.

Your Yorkie Is Bored

It is probably the most sought out answer by some people. Dogs eat grass to pass some time. Sure, you have a nice big backyard where your dog can play and run around, but there isn’t much to do there. As a result, they play with whatever they can have their mouths on.

Why Does My Yorkie Eat Grass?

For this reason, providing some activities that can keep your dog entertained will be a good idea. Sometimes the solution will be as easy as giving them some chew toy available in every pet store. It can serve as an alternative to provide a consistent exercise routine. Among the best chew toys that you can give your pet are Petstages Dogwood Stick, Nylabone Wishbone, and this Silicone Sausage.

Why Does My Yorkie Eat Grass?

Stomach Distress

A lot of experts see this as a natural self-medication for dogs. When dogs encounter issues with their stomach, they turn to grass for relief. The behavior is quite rare as not a lot of dogs exhibit this kind of scenario, and the minority show signs of illness beforehand.

Stomach distress gives you a sign that there is more than just a stomachache. It can be gastric reflux or some bowel diseases, and it won’t hurt to call your vet regarding this for some advice.


Overall, many veterinarians considered this particular behavior as usual. Dogs don’t gain much nutritional value from grass, and it is not harmful to them, assuming that there are no dangerous fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides used on the grass.

When you’re outdoors, make sure to keep an eye on your pet. Regardless of the above factors, it is good to introduce a well-balanced diet and proper exercise for Yorkies so they won’t find the need to sniff and eat on the grass.

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