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Are All Yorkies Barkers?

Yorkies are fun little creatures that come with big personalities. Having such character can cone with fierce territorial barking. Whenever they hear a sound that is unfamiliar to them, they will be most likely to bark. Even the outside noise isn’t even required for barking for Yorkies.

Are all Yorkies barkers? Yes, at some sort. Yorkies love to bark and it might have been their hobby to keep them alert and to burn off some excess energy in their body. It can be a little annoying for new pet owners but they are worth it.

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In this article, you will find out about Yorkie’s temperament when it comes to barking and why they bark a lot.

Yorkies Barking Behavior

It goes back to when they are puppies, Yorkies will start vocalization the same time they open their eyes. The most sound you will hear from them means they are hungry, having some discomfort or some other needs. It will be a few more weeks before you’ll get the full-on barking.

One good reason why they keep on barking has something to do with the formation of their ears. It makes their hearing acute and allows them to be alerted to all kinds of noises. Once they hear those sounds, the first thing that comes to their mind is to bark and assert dominance to let you know what seems to be responsible for the noise. It is why Yorkies are perfect as guard dogs.

Understanding The Noises Your Yorkie Create

Barking can mean into different things, you need to pay attention more to your Yorkie if they are exhibiting these different noises as it may be some danger for their surroundings or they might be in pain.

Barking In A Low Tone

This type of barking is a warning about perceived danger. It might be a change in their territory. It might be their curious side that is trying to communicate with you. Yorkies are very sensitive to dogs, as explained above, due to their ear positioning. They can bark at random changes happening in their surroundings.


Similar to whining, this is a natural behavior that is mostly combined with a reiteration of whining and barking. It is their way of expressing sadness and loneliness. You might need to focus on this one because this is the kind of noise they make that needed immediate attention.


Howling is imprinted in their genetics. It usually does it all day and night at one another. Yorkies seem to have a sixth sense where they know when another dog is about, and howling is their way of trying to communicate with them.


Overall, barking is a natural instinct of dogs, and Yorkies seem to do it most often. When you take it on the negative side, it will only intensify. Make sure to follow proper training and exercise to minimize excessive barking.

Yorkies are smart dogs. They can be taught to follow orders from their owners. Avoid losing cools and treat them better by practicing training accordingly.