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How Fast Can A Yorkie Run? Dogs love to run, even if they are small like a Yorkshire Terrier. But not all dogs run the same speed or the same manner. How fast they can get will always depend on their body and breed.

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How fast can a Yorkie run? Yorkies can only run for about 10 miles per hour. It is because their steps are short, and they take steps fast enough. Since they are small, their tiny body has less endurance, making it hard for them to keep up with other dogs.

Yorkies may run slowly, but it is an important detail you should know if you are planning to adopt one. Deeper in this article, I will be tackling some of the things that can help your pet to run slowly but healthily.

Yorkies Run Slowly But Surely

Yorkies are on a smaller scale, having a petite body and short legs. Generally speaking, dogs can run 15 -20 miles per hour at a very short distance. However, for a breed like a Yorkie, they can only run 10 miles per hour as their legs don’t move far or fast enough. And since they are small, their body size can’t perform enough breathing to keep up with other dogs.

Running is a good exercise for Yorkies. They need to have proper exercise to keep them healthy and active.

Here are some of the importance of running and why it matters to them:

Regular Exercise Regimen

Regardless of your dog size, every breed of dog needs their exercise. Yorkshire Terriers need to stay active. Daily walks and frequent playtime will keep your Yorkie physically fit and friendly. Without proper exercise or just even a walk, it can cause some mental issues. This dog breed, in particular, gains weight easily, so you better look out and monitor their food intake.

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Helps With Their Anxiety

Yorkies are prone to mental issues, believe it or not. They can get anxious very easily and may opt to stay at home and will never try to get out of the house. Exercise, like walking and running, can help Yorkshire Terriers to calm themselves and feel more relaxed rather than agitated.

One good tip to help with separation anxiety is to go for a walk 20 minutes before leaving. It is believed to help them cope with such anxiety because they are getting some quality time with their owners outside of their safe place while expending some energies. The moment you go home, Yorkies are calmer and relaxed state – they are less energetic, which means less anxiety to build up.

Perfect Timing For Obedience Training

Running and walking around the park will be ideal timing to practice obedience and to teach them some good manners and basic instructions. One way is to lose the leash while walking and then stopping after some steps to do some tricks like sit or lie down. It can act as a fun game for dog owners while solidifying obedient response from their Yorkies.

You can gradually increase the difficulty depending on the level you’re at. Yorkies are one of the smartest dog breeds out there, and they are obedient in a way to please their owner.


To summarize, Yorkies may not be the fastest in terms of running or walking, but they are the most playful dog breeds out there. These dogs have a lot of energy to spare when you decide to play with them. So, utilize it well and insert some training and exercise to keep them fit and active. Also, they can be yappy at some point, but that’s one of their adorable nature, and you’ll be captivated by their love and sweetness.

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