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How Long Does A Yorkie Stay Pregnant? A dog is a man’s best friend is one famous line that dog lovers strongly believes in. Dogs are considered man’s best friend because they are considered companion, loyal, and compassionate creature that has been made. Dog lovers looked at them as their real babies. Just like real babies, they are being taken care of as they can wear cute clothes, diapers, shoes, hats, and more.

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There is one family of dogs that are considered real babies because of their size and characteristics. The Yorkshire terrier or Yorkie for short is regarded as one real baby for some fur parents. Two characteristics that a fur parent loved about it is because of its playfulness and full of energy. Because of its small appearances, some are confused if they even had a chance to be a mother- yes, they are.

Pregnancy Period And Early Signs

Yorkie can get pregnant, and the average gestation period is between 58-68 days; 63th considered an average. Usually, when on its 67th days and still did not deliver the puppies, you can call the veterinarian for urgent help. A family of a toy breed carries their puppies longer than those of the large breeds. The size of the mother and the babies matters on how long the pregnancy will last.

Wonder how to know if your Yorkie baby is already a fur mother? By listing some of the early signs will help you determine whether it’s positive or negative. Early signs include; enlargement of nipples, lethargy, increase in appetite, weight gain, firmer and enlargement of the stomach, and excessive grooming. If in case these signs are present, better be prepared for a comfortable bed for the upcoming babies at least two weeks before due.

Sizes and Numbers of Yorkie Babies

Since Yorkie has a small physical appearance, it is understood that the babies to are small. But ever wonder what will be the maximum size of newborn Yorkies? Babies weigh between .07 -.14kg, and as weeks pass by, the weight will be heavier till it reached its adult weight to 1.36- 3.17kg. These numbers prove how light the babies of a Yorkies are.

Yorkies are one strong type of breed because they can carry babies in their wombs with a maximum of 68 days. At an early stage of pregnancy, doing an ultrasound is not advisable as it is not visible yet until its 42nd days. The womb of a mother Yorkie can only accommodate 3-5 babies in one pregnancy. And it can be pregnant until she reached the age of 7 years old.


To conclude, thinking or planning to buy a pet home, especially dogs? You should re-assess yourself first if you are ready to buy one. You need to purchase foods, diapers, clothes, and even train them where to properly inside

the house and also visit the veterinary clinic regularly. It is not easy at first, but eventually, you will find it enjoying and rewarding at the same time.

Yorkie dogs may be small in your eyes, but its love and care for humans are endless. It may not have many babies like others, but still, they will encounter the same hardships, just like the other dogs. Just like humans, they also need care and compassion in times of sorrow and pain. So when the time comes that you needed their love, they will also be there for you no matter what.

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