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Do Yorkies Like To Swim?

One common denominator of different dog breeds is the capability to swim, whether in a pool or beaches. In this characteristic, Bulldogs are an exemption because they are not born with such capability, but if you are determined to teach them, they will be able to learn. One example of a dog breed that can swim is the Yorkies.

Do Yorkies like to swim? No, but they can. Yorkies may know how to swim but they hate such activity. Most people have a misperception that Yorkies love swimming just because they know how to.

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As you read on, you will learn that not all Yorkies hate swimming. The reason why most Yorkies don’t like engaging in such activity is also discussed in the latter part of this article.

The Dislike Swimming

As stated, not all Yorkies like swimming, although they are born with such talent. Some Yorkies love swimming, and some are not. One of the reasons why is that they are simply afraid.

Just like any other dogs, Yorkies when being dragged to water to take a bath, tend to dislike it. What more if they dragged to a pool or on the beach during summer days. Keep in mind that they are afraid, that is why it is better to give them ample time to be comfortable with the water.

Let them check the water first than throwing them into the water. Throwing them isn’t a big help to them. But instead, you are giving them a reason to hate the water more.

Yorkies would like swimming if you let them familiarized with the water and let them know that you will be by their side always. If you see that the Yorkie likes it, go into the water first and encourage them to join you for a swim.

Tricks To Encourage Workies To Swim

Here are the tricks and tips that can help you to encourage Yorkies to go into  the water:

Just like kids, Yorkies shouldn’t let swim alone may it be in a pool, beaches, or even lakes. Make sure that when they finally decided to swim, you are should be there for them, making them safe by supervising them.

If it is the first time of your pet in the water, let them walk around first into the water, meaning they should be in a shallow area. By doing this, it will be able to familiarize with the new environment and learn not to be afraid of the water next time.

When going on a summer outing, know that you need to bring fresh drinking water for your Yorkies. You must bring this with you to avoid drinking water from the beach or pools that are contaminated. When they can drink this, the chance is they can get sick, which may result in hating them the water more. 


In general, Yorkies are born a swimmer yet they don’t like to swim especially if it’s their first time swimming. You can’t rush them to like or love swimming by forcing them to because they need some time to be familiarized with the water. If you see some dogs love swimming, don’t compare your Yorkie to them as dogs have different characteristics from each other. Just like humans, you can’t control what Yorkies are thinking about swimming, but you can help them believe that swimming is fun.