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What Do Yorkies Like To Do For Fun?

There is no adorable copilot than a Yorkie, in fact, for most people, they are the most amenable friend to have. After all, there is no other person on the planet who will think of going on a road trip to the city dump or tearing down card boxes as an adventure, only your little Yorkie friend out there will do. It is important to know that doing these activities will improve your pet’s mental health and overall physical stimulation.

What do Yorkies like to do for fun? Yorkies love to play around, even if it is indoors or outdoors. They want to play with toys and with sprinklers. Even just a regular morning or afternoon walk. These are the things that they enjoy the most, especially when their owners are involved.

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In this article, you will find what Yorkies like to do for fun. It includes different activities and some toys they enjoy playing and some fun activities where their owners are involved as well.

Watch Television

Television has been a part of our life for more than decades now. Yorkies do love to watch tv believe it or not. Many people leave the television on for their doggies to enjoy it while they are away. For the most part, Yorkies cannot see them as humans do, but they appreciate the light, the colors, and the sound of it.

For them, it is like a mental stimulation and therefore explains why they like it. Even experts agreed that Yorkies do love the idea of watching television because it fights boredom and help them relax. They might not know what is happening, but they do enjoy the change of scenery from one color to another.

Playing In The Park

Yorkies love to play in the park, dog parks are their playground, and this is where they are allowed to be free without their leash. Dog parks are becoming more common in most city areas. These are secured places, usually with a fence with safety signs and park regulations.

Yorkies like to enjoy the idea of being free and running around to meet new people and other dogs as well. Make sure to pay attention to them as Yorkies tend to be playful and might encounter some big dogs that may injure them unintentionally.

Flyball With Yorkies

Flyball is one of those games that Yorkies like. Yorkies like to play around and jump all the time. They are the most hyper dogs, even though they have a small body. Flyball is a relay race that requires them to catch a tennis ball or any ball that has been released from a launcher.

Any dogs who like to chase balls will probably enjoy this kind of game, and it is a perfect choice to burn and release some pent up energy in their body.

Frisbee With Yorkies

Another game that Yorkies love is Frisbee, like any other dogs, Yorkies love to catch a disc while their owner throws it at them. Some Yorkies might not allow their owners to play it without them. It is an excellent form of exercise for them, and it gives you more time and bonding with your Yokie. Just be aware that this is an extensive form of activity, make sure to consult first your vet if this is a good training or sport for your dog.

Game Of Find The Treats

Yorkies love nose work games, this kind of game is imprinted in their genes. As you know, they were produced to find rats in the mines during the 19th century. It is a fun activity that Yorkie loves because they get to find their treat at the same time use their natural ability to do so.

Yorkies like the idea of anticipation and pleasing their owner once they find the hidden treat. They even bring it to their owner and show it to them before consuming it to get more praise. They know that the more compliment they get, the more treat they can have.

Daily Walk

Yorkies love to go outside and play. A daily walk is probably the least exciting for you, but for them, this is one of the activities they are looking forward to. It is very important and crucial for them as this can serve as a form of exercise but also just for them to ease some tension or anxiety in their body.

At the same time, it gives them a breath of fresh air, they see things that are not confined in your house, and they smell and sniff their surroundings. And besides, it is an excellent bonding for you and your Yorkie.

Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are one of those activities where dogs are game for. With proper training and treat, Yorkies will go over the moon with this. They like the idea of running around trying to figure out the obstacle because they knew that in the end, there’s a prize waiting for them.

The idea of jumping through hoops or some low-level obstacles fascinates them. Yorkies are known to be jumpers and active, so whenever there’s a chance they can get to do that, you bet that they will. As it is a very active activity, this can be done to loosen up those energy and help their muscle be firm.


Remember playing hide and seek when you’re a child? It is probably the best game there is before technology took over. Same with dogs, Yorkies love the idea of playing hide and seek. They like to play with you and wait for the perfect timing for you to give the command, and then they will try to find you.

Yorkies love to find a way to make themselves active. So while they enjoy running around the house looking for anything that they sniff, why not put it into an activity where you both can benefit. Hide and seek not only is an excellent activity for their body. It is also a great way to implement some basic command training.

Treat Toys

Humans taught not to play with their foods, but that doesn’t apply to our feline companion. Yorkies love to chew and play with their food whenever they can. They enjoy this kind of activity because not only can they get a treat for it, they love to bite and chew on things.

It is why a Chew Toy comes in handy, some of the treat toys available out there can dispense a treat while they are playing with it. It is a wonderful surprise for your dog, and they develop critical thinking while enjoying it at the same time.

Play With The Sprinklers

Owning a lawn or a backyard is an advantage when you have a dog, this means that you can have them roam around the area and play even without tight supervision. A lawn comes with a sprinkler system. It allows dogs to play around with them non stop once they are activated. You see them jumping around, trying to bite the water coming from the sprinklers. They find it interesting to chew, bite, or sometimes even drink in it.

Doggie Play Date

Give your Yorkie a break and give them some doggie play date. Yorkies love to play around with other people’s dogs. They are quite friendly and will always play around and run with them. This kind of activity not only helps them from their ordinary routine at home, but they do enjoy some interaction with other canine and people as well.

Why Fun Times Is Important For Yorkie

Playing and having fun eliminates the stress to any individual. It is the same logic as dogs. Incorporating different forms of activities and playtime in your daily Yorkies’ routine can be beneficial to develop a healthy and loving personality.

In terms of physical health, it keeps your Yorkies’ heart-healthy and their joints lubricated. It also improves their overall balance and coordination. While speaking in a mental state, games with rules force your Yorkie to use their brain, not just their body alone. It can be helpful for them to be more focused, attentive, and smart.

It could also be beneficial for their social skills when they play or interact with other dogs or other people. They learn how to communicate appropriately and behave accordingly. And lastly, your health, fun activities can help you alleviate your stress and anxiety. What is a better way to release tension than playing with your little canine?


Overall, Yorkies are fun-loving canines, and they do lots of things that not only make us think but also make us laugh. They have that energy inside of them that ooze out positive energy that you admire. Overall these are some great activities for your Yorkie, they may not be aware of it, but these are very helpful for them in stimulating their physical and mental health. Not only it improves their quality of life, but it is a great bonding experience for you and your Yorkie.