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Why Does My Yorkie Shake? For Yorkshire Terrier lovers and owners, their furry little buddy means the world to them. Despite their character complexes, Yorkies are the most loyal, loving, and intelligent breed of dogs. Yet, at some point, they do some unexplainable things that can scare their owners. When you first saw your Yorkie shaking, it might cause you to panic. But there might be an underlying explanation to it.

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Why does my Yorkie shake? Yorkies shake as an act of excitement, but it should normally go within seconds. If he keeps on shaking, they are scared, chilly, or worst-case, sick.

There are a lot of factors affecting your Yorkie’s wellness. By learning to read your Yorkie’s body language, you will be able to figure out normal shaking from signs of health issues that need immediate action by your vet. Here are some explanations and remedies to help them:

Reasons Why Yorkies Shake

Hypoglycemic Episode

One of the cons of having Yorkies is that they are prone to hypoglycemia. It is a condition where they have low blood sugar that can happen if they don’t eat and are overstimulated. Another underlying reason can be insulin. Yorkies who have diabetes may experience shaking after taking such medication.

A lack of energy characterizes hypoglycemia, then followed by shaking and trembling. If it is left untreated, your pet may suffer drooling, seizures, pale gums, drop of temperature, or even comatose. Hypoglycemia is a severe illness, so your pet needs to be taken to the vet if the shaking persists.

Accidental Poisoning

Yorkies are prone to poisoning. With their small body, it doesn’t take a large of ingestion to prompt symptoms. In line with that, they can experience tremors as a result of plant poisoning or consuming human foods that are toxic to their systems such as chocolate or artificial sweeteners. The symptoms they may experience include vomiting, diarrhea, muscle weakness, and confusion. If your Yorkie shows any of these symptoms, immediately call your vet to seek a medical solution.

Nausea or Upset Stomach

Yorkies can experience shaking when they have eaten something that is not good for their stomach. It leads to gastrointestinal distress, such as diarrhea or constipation. Another form of shaking will be nausea that can be caused by motion sickness. Once you see your dog with too much drooling and vomiting, you need to take them to the vet right away.

Cold Temperatures

Yorkies are prone to cold since they are not as insulated as any other dog breed. Make sure to provide them enough warmth, so they don’t shiver. You should also cover them with protective clothing when its wintertime.


Overall, there are so many factors that can cause dog shaking or shivering. Some of them are serious, while others can be treated easily. As a precautionary measure, seek professional advice from your vet when symptoms arise. While not all shaking harm to your pet, it is always best to ask a professional to determine the cause of your pet’s behavior.

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