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How To Train A Yorkie Puppy? You might have been wondering how to train a Yorkshire Terrier and all you need to know about this adorable little dog. Then this article is for you.

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I previously owned a Yorkie which was very stubborn and does not listen thereby becoming quite defiant when I am working with him. I want to share some of my experience in training a Yorkie and I have also learned more about Yorkshire terriers from this experience.

Yorkshire Terriers which is commonly called Yorkie are very small dogs with very big personalities and attitudes. The Yorkshire Terrier, as its name explicitly indicates is native to England and especially to Yorkshire. They are so energetic, lovable, easy to train once you know the secret to their attention. It is also important to know that this cute long haired little dog belongs to the Terrier dog family, these are breeds adapted for pest hunting. It is a lively and smart pet dog, charming and affectionate, and is sensitive enough to warn you at every slightest suspicious sound.

As a Terrier, it is normal for him to jump in nature and run in the garden while digging in search of a field mouse. It is important to imperatively teach him the rules of property. I know that sometimes it can be difficult when training your dog to do what you want it to do. So, I will be sharing with you the secret of training Yorkshire terriers. They are very smart and can learn very easily when they want to, but sometimes they give a tough time train due to their stubbornness. They are very demanding and require lots of patience and perseverance so as to effectively train them.

Characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier

  • The Yorkshire Terrier is a long-haired dog so it requires regular maintenance
  • They are small-sized dogs whose weight does not exceed 3kg
  • Very fashionable
  • He loves playing with children
  • He loves going out for a walk, he is a good walker

How Did I Start Training My Yorkie With Ease?

Before I thought of getting a Yorkie to train, I made sure that the area is quiet and free of distractions. I found out that Yorkie finds it hard to learn, retain, and remember anything I intend to him when people or animals are around. I made sure that my Yorkie is focused on me and I am focused on him as well.

At a point, I started using authority when giving him command, I speak out clear and loudly, repeating the command until he understands what I was trying to communicate and follows my direction without hesitating. Sometimes I give my Yorkie a good treat and change his bad behaviors by scalding him without yelling. When it comes to vocalizing to this wonderful breed of dog, it is very similar to how you respond and teach a child. You must see your Yorkie as another kid added into the family.

Yorkies demand attention, no matter its kind. When my Yorkie began to act weird and show negative behaviors, I made some inquiries and found out that I had to change the way I responded to the dog. I started giving him attention not only when he is in trouble, but always. If the only time I gave my Yorkie attention was when he is in trouble then he will be in trouble a lot. When you give your Yorkie negative attention, he starts exhibiting negative traits but positive attention will go a long way to reinforce positive traits.

Housebreaking your Yorkie can be one of the most challenging aspects of training your Yorkie. Since he can be so stuck and stubborn, ensure you patiently take time to teach him the difference between being inside and outside. I started this immediately I brought my Yorkie home, I reinforced this aspect of training off and on throughout the day, this made my Yorkie understand quickly and respond to my wants in a positive way. Despite his stubbornness, he is independent, barker, capricious and always sure of himself notwithstanding his small size.

But this is not a problem if he is educated correctly to become a perfect companion that you can move out in town or leave at home alone without worrying. Don’t let his cute appearance make you restrict him from running, let him run as much as possible, but under house arrest, so that he will not disappear in pursuit of a rabbit. He is always eager to have adventure and fun. He can be a little aggressive towards strange canines and small animals. Your Yorkie needs a lot of exercise. This can be done by giving him the privilege to run from room to room in the house.

Yorkies are great companions, so he needs a maximum level of understanding and commitment to stick with him. Training your Yorkie can be a very time-consuming task, don’t worry, but if in the end, your Yorkie does not learn positive behavioral habits, then you need to evaluate yourself and change how you react and respond to the actions of your Yorkie.

When it comes to training my Yorkie, I had to make sure I had his full attention. This made it very easy to train my Yorkie. Once I got his full attention, it made it easy for him to learn whatever trick or obedience training I was trying to teach him. I never hesitated to give him a positive reinforcement such as throwing him a piece of cheese or beef. This reward made my Yorkshire Terrier active, happy and responsive. It always gave him something to look forward to when performing a trick or doing whatever I command him to do. I never failed to reward him by letting him know he did a good job. I had to show excitement while rewarding him or giving him a treat. There are lots of ways to do this better which I will elaborate on in this article.

It is important to put your Yorkie on a schedule, this will help you if you are having trouble with your Yorkie pooping in the house. This is just what I did and it worked for me. Don’t fail to take your Yorkie out every couple of hours. I did this constantly, and it made my Yorkie get used to the fact that outside is where he needs to potty and not in the house.

However, if you want your Yorkshire terrier to potty on a pad in your house, then ensure you put some of his poop on the pad. This is because dogs usually sniff and smell for the areas where they have pooped and urinated at. This happens when your Yorkie is not potty trained. To stop your Yorkie from pottying in the wrong places in your house, you have to say in an assertive way, NO! and point your finger directly at him. Yorkie hates this. But it will make him know that you mean business and they are doing the wrong thing.

The principle of consistency should not be neglected while training your Yorkshire terrier. This is because Yorkies love to play and please their owners. So, get consistent with training your Yorkie and you will be surprised at how fast he is able to learn what you are teaching him. I found out that my Yorkie gets confused when I use two words as a command. When I want him to sit, I use the word sit. If I say sit down or anything else he will become confused and don’t know what to do. So I better keep it simple with just one word or a short phrase when necessary.

I know that training a Yorkie can seem difficult but frankly speaking, it’s actually fun. Especially when you notice that your dog is learning everything that you’re teaching him. I found out that one of the virtues of training a Yorkie is tolerance. You must know that you don’t have to be frustrated or get angry at your dog during the training process. Your Yorkie will always want to see you happy. So, when you get mad or upset at him, you are making it difficult for him to concentrate on what you are trying to teach him because he is scared and feels bad about upsetting you.

Outlined Tips You Must Know

  • Yorkies generally have a short memory and attention span.
  • If you skip any training day, he will forget the ones he has learned.
  • Treats are motivation to your Yorkie.
  • Reprimand him with a firm tone when he does something that is not acceptable.
  • Your Yorkie will learn faster if he is allowed to play and stretch his legs in between training sessions.
  • It is better to train your Yorkie alone; a third party can be a distraction.
  • Make sure he focuses on you and your voice.
  • Ensure he has mastered a command before moving to a new one.
  • Use the same wording for each command you teach.

Just make sure you don’t forget most of these Yorkshire Terrier training tips so as to have fun training your Yorkie. Knowing these secrets will actually make it easy and fun training your Yorkshire Terrier.

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