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What Do I Need For My New Yorkie Puppy?     

Bringing a puppy home brings joy and wonders not only for you but for your family too. As we all know, this new addition can truly brighten one up because of their positive energy. Plus, they can help grow your child’s senses of love, which means that they see them as a true child because of what they need.

What do I need for my new Yorkie puppy? New Yorkie Puppies need toys, food, bed, brushes and shampoos, training pads, treats, detergents, and a dog collar. And these things play an important role especially for the growth of a Yorkie puppy. 

But before you take one home, make sure that you have all the things you need for them. And these things will help you have a stressful event in the future. That’s why we listed some helpful tips that you can apply before buying and bringing home a Yorkie.

Things You Need For A New Yorkie


It may sound unnecessary for some, but this is one important thing to consider. Yorkies’ baby teeth start to appear when they are about three weeks old. Then, in their fourth to the sixth month, that’s when the baby teeth will become adult teeth.

That’s why toys are essential, especially with baby teeth, because they love to chew everything whichever caught their eyes.   

With these, it gives you stress because their favorite victims are shoes, cables, slippers, and even furniture. Meaning, it’ll cause you more expenses because you need to replace all those things that they destroyed.

Producers of dog’s toys divide it into two categories- there are for young and adult dogs. And to choose the right toy for them, you need to pay attention to some basic things.     

Like you need to consider the size of the toy that shouldn’t be smaller than the dog’s mouth. And it should be chewable, meaning it should be made with textile rubber and it’s’ not too hard.     


Like humans, this is the most important factor that you should consider to make them healthy and strong. You need to ensure that you give them enough food that corresponds to your Yorkies age.

Most brands of foods also have different categories starting from very young, young, and adult. Each category’s differences depend on the nutrients your Yorkies needs, their age, weight, and energy.

If you’re unsure what to buy exactly for your Yorkie baby, consider a veterinarian’s advice. They can also guide you on the proper quantities you’ll be feeding them. We also suggest that you need to double-check the food with another vet to ensure your choice is right.     


A bed is also considered one of the essential things before you get a Yorkies. Yorkies are born naturally playful and aggressive, which means it makes them tired.

And beds are there where they can rest after training, walking, or from simple playing. If your home isn’t warm enough, especially in winter, it’s not advisable to put the beds directly on the floor.     

Because experts say that your Yorkies might get cold because of the warm floor, one of the characteristics of Yorkies is to lay down in their beds.

Because it’s their way of observing what’s going on in their surroundings, in choosing a bed, make sure that you buy with washable material.     

What we mean with washable is that you can wash them using a washing machine. It is also important that your pet’s bed doesn’t contain any small detachable thing because they might swallow it.

Remember that Yorkies are a curious breed, and love to chew everything that surrounds them.     

Brushes And Shampoos

Yorkies have hair that is not a usual fur compared to other dogs. That’s why it’s vital that as an owner, you keep their coat perfect in color and shape. Choosing what shampoo is best to maintain their beautiful hair is essential. And the use of conditioner is essential and recommended.     

Their different shampoos you can buy online and not all have the same quality. Buying shampoos that correspond to their hair structure is what would groomers and vets recommend.

They recommend that you bathe them once per week or two. Because if you do it often, their hair will produce more oil than usual.     

Vets recommend that bathing your Yorkies before their third month is not advisable. They won’t also recommend bathing them before their third month, but they say that you can use dry shampoos then.

What comes after bath time is the brushing. Buying good quality brushes for your Yorkies is good because it will make your brushing experience more enjoyable.     

Groomers say that if your Yorkies have long hair, brushing should be every day. So you can prevent their hair from forming any matting. If you don’t know, brushing plays a vital role in your Yorkies’ health. Because it helps produce blood supply to their skin.     

Plus, it helps spread the fat cover, which protects their hair and skin and protects and nourishes them.     

Training Pods

It is an essential thing, especially if your Yorkies are at their early stages. Vets say that for the first four months of Yorkies, the training pad will be your partner in training them, especially for their training on where to properly poop and pee.

Yorkies who are not four months and older have skins that are too sensitive and weak.     

We know that it’s hard to let them train at a very young age. But for your pet to get used to training pads, you can buy trainers drop that you can apply to pads. That smell helps Yorkies determine the resting area easier.


When you have any kind of pet, treats shouldn’t be out on your priority list. Treats should always be in your pocket, especially if you want to start the training process.

Or a simple welcome treat for them saying you are thankful that you’re their owner. Treats are effective when giving it to them when you’re doing some training.       

Aside from giving treats, you can give them sweet kisses and warm hugs and some material prices too. When buying a treat, make sure that it is very small for the thought that it’s only for a reward.       

Cleaning Material Like Detergents

Though we said that giving Yorkie a treat is effective in training, still it won’t be that easy. Meaning, you can’t expect them to learn those tricks and where to properly poop or pee.

That’s why it’s better if you have detergents that will help you remove stains from your Yorkies poop and pee. These detergents should help you clean your floors, carpets, and even the bathroom.       

Some may agree that the best cleaning detergent is the ones that have enzyme products on it because they believe that it has a feature that can destroy the bad odor aside from simply cleaning your things.       

Dog Collars, Harness, And Dog Lead

Aside from toys, these accessories also play an essential role. You’ll be needing these, especially when you want to take them for a walk. Be patient because Yorkies can’t familiarize themselves with these quickly.       

Things To Consider Before Buying And Bringing Home A Yorkie     

Yes, Yorkies might be small in size, but don’t be deceived because, as we said, they can be aggressive. They are full of energy and a contagious zest for life. Before you consider buying and bringing home a Yorkie, we listed some things that you need to consider.       

They Need Your Attention And Time     

Like all dogs, Yorkies will need your time and attention as much as possible. It’s either they sit in your lap, in your arms, and lying next to you.

They are active yet curious at the same time, that’s why there’s a tendency that they will become stubborn—resulting in a belief that they’re not a good choice if you have little children in the house.       

But like any other dog, you can train them to be more compassionate and friendly towards little kids.       

Consider Their Health By Doing A Regular Grooming     

Yorkies have a smooth and silky coat. That is why you’ll be needing a brush to maintain their beauty. They need regular brushing of their It avoids any possible tangles.

But if you can’t maintain this activity, maybe it’s better if you keep their haircut short. Remember that their anal and ear glands require an expert groomer or a veterinarian for regular checkups.       

Hair is everywhere when you decide to have Yorkies, make sure that you are 100% committed to grooming. The long, silky, and fine hair of Yorkies needs regular care and brushing while the short-haired Yorkies don’t need to visit a groom regularly because you can brush it even at home.       

Yorkies Are Talkative And Vocal       

You might not know it first, but Yorkies tend to be a “yappy.” Meaning they want to let their opinions out and be heard by barking and yapping.

They are also territorial, that’s why when you buy another dog breed, make sure that they are separated. But this trait is one thing you can be thankful for because they can be an efficient watchdog.     

Training And Their Living Space     

Yorkies, as they described, are indoor dogs. Yes, you can bring them out for a walk, but that walk means short walks. A Yorkie puppy needs some training for them not to chew any of your things in the house. It means, in training, you’ll need a lot of patience.       

They may be small, but it is vital if you consider too much space for them to roam around. As we said, Yorkies are an indoor breed of dogs, so don’t let them fool you by their appearance. 

Yorkies Are Energetic       

Yorkies are mighty because of their super energetic trait. That you would think they’re not losing their energy, but they are. When they feel that their energy level is low, they will sleep hard, but make sure that you are charged too.

Because when they are awake, better get ready to be in action again.

Prepare Your House Before Bringing A Yorkie

Excitement shouldn’t be an excuse to get your house ready for the arrival of the New Yorkies. Yorkies are a playful, energetic, and aggressive breed of dogs, and many would prove that.

So to avoid any possible stress that it may cause you, prepare, or rather clean your house beforehand. Preparing means you need to take off any possible things that they might chew and destroy.

Things like carpets, cables, and some parts of the furniture are the thing you need to prepare.


We understand that since they are still too young, training would be hard. That means that they can poo and pee on the carpet. Carpets for Yorkies are like grass and soil to them. That’s why whenever they need to poop and pee, they’ll do it on your carpet.


If you’re used to charging your gadgets on the floor, break this habit as soon as possible. Because when a Yorkie sees it, there’s no doubt that this will be their next target.

They may have toys to play on, but whenever they see a cable, it’s an “exciting toy” for them. And when we mean, cable it includes your TV cable.

That’s why your playful Yorkies might be the reason when you observe your TV isn’t working. To avoid these scenarios, put your cables in a higher place as much as possible. It is only for a couple of months until their permanent teeth come out.


Cables are prone to Yorkies “exciting toys,” and furniture can also be their victims. It’s better if you isolate them for the meantime if you’re not using it more often. But if it is, you can at least put covers on parts that are reachable for Yorkies.

Bed Place

Before bringing in Yorkies in your house, make sure that you already set-up their bed place. Remember that Yorkies want to be near you as much as possible, so consider their bed near your bed.

Or better share your bed with them. As long as they know, they are near you. There is nothing for you to worry about.


To summarize, bringing a Yorkie home isn’t as easy as you think that in just a blink, you can. Because there are still things to consider and some preparations that you need to follow.

Yorkies may be small in appearance, but their actions and playful traits aren’t. And following these preparations won’t be as hard as you think of them as your new baby in the family.