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What Is A Parti Yorkie? You are probably aware of a standard Yorkshire Terrier coat colors – gold and blue. But do you know that they came in different variations of colors? The American Kernel Club even recognizes some of them, and one of them is the unique type of Yorkie, the Parti Yorkie, they are white Yorkshire Terrier with tan and black colors.

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What is a Parti Yorkie? Generally speaking, Parti Yorkies are the same breed with purebred Yorkshire Terriers, the only difference is their color. The standard Yorkshire Terriers have blue and tan hair colors. Meanwhile, Parti Yorkies have black, white, and tan hair colors.

After finishing this article, you will learn about Parti Yorkies and the possible color variations they can have. Aside from that, I will be discussing the personalities of this dog breed that you should expect before adopting one.

Parti Yorkies & Their Color Variations

Parti Yorkies are one of the unique Yorkshire Terriers. They have stunning hair colors and patterns. Every Parti Yorkie has distinct colors and patterns that don’t fall ina regular breed standard of a blue and gold Yorkshire Terrier.

It has all changed in the 19th century, and as of today, it is one of the most popular dog breeds than ever. Here are some of the common color variation of a Parti Yorkie:

Golden or Blonde Parti Yorkies

This particular coloring of a Parti Yorkie is essentially a Yorkshire Terrier breed but without the distinct dark blue or black coloring. They play more on the golden/blonde side of the color palette, and as puppies, they are solid gold in color with some white markings along the way. Once they are all grown up, they can vary in color from a blonde gold to deep, rich gold.

Chocolate Parti Yorkies

If you look into the definition of a standard Yorkshire Terrier, they are mostly born with black coloring. Chocolate Parti Yorkies are entirely brown when they are born. There’s no historical explanation of why they developed a chocolate color. But it is believed that the chocolate or brown is the result of their parent carrying the double recessive chocolate gene. While others believed, it is a result of cross-breeding with other breeds.

Parti Yorkies Personalities

Yorkshire Terriers are tiny little dogs, and most Parti Yorkies have small bodies too. It can result in them being playful and extremely energetic. They always love to play around with their petite body and are the most curious breed of dogs. They do like to cuddle with their owners and not afraid to show affection. Training can be a little difficult because they are independent in their own ways.

Parti Yorkies are known to be intelligent and inquisitive. They are one of the most popular service dogs. They are the most independent dogs, but their personalities will develop depending on how they are brought up. Those who took care of their dogs and pampered them with so much lavish stuff will make them more dependent and needier.


Overall, Parti Yorkies are lovable little furries and are indeed a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, just a bit different on the standard coloring. They are cute and such loving small canine and the most famous of the Terriers clan.

If you want to get one, you need to do your research and talk to breeders. These breeders will be able to provide you an AKC registration and some important documents about them.

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