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Should Yorkies Be Shaved?

To shave or not to shave your Yorkie? It is the most lingering question many pet owners tend to ask themselves when there is a change in the temperature outside. Yorkies have some unique traits that make them different from other dogs. However, it might not be a good idea to shave it once and for all.

Should Yorkies be shaved? No, it is not a great idea. Yorkies have much thinner skin and more dense, unlike humans. Their delicate skin without their hair can be at risk from harmful rays of the sun no matter what season of the year.

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In this article, you will learn about Yorkies grooming in general, and if you should or should not shave your pet.

Yorkie Hair

Yorkies have hair, not fur. Yorkies are single-coated breeds, and it mostly resembles human hair. It grows continuously, needs special grooming, and eventually needs to be trimmed and not fully shaved. Yorkie hair is considered to be non-shredding, which is perfect for people who have allergies to dogs.

As mentioned, Yorkies have a single coat. Their coats are there for protection for the weather. It is both in hot and cold temperatures, and coats are needed to be clean, well-conditioned, well-brushed, but it is essential to know that they need their coat. A coat provides them insulation from both cold and hot weather, it can keep them dry, and it protects their skin from the external environment.

The Dangers Of Shaving Your Yorkie’s Coat

Because coats are essential for Yorkies, they need them to be able to insulate their body and shaving them may cause more harm than any good. When you shave their single-coat, you are exposing their skin and making them vulnerable to the dangers of the sun. They can get skin cancer, bug bites, or even heat stroke. Shaving can also lead them to have patches of irregular hairs that didn’t grow back correctly, or it can grow back in a different color. It is recommended to have the topcoat clipped by a professional groomer.

Alternatives To Shaving

As you can probably tell, shaving does not do any good for your Yorkie, and it will not make them a happy dog. Here are some few suggestions and some alternative to shaving to help your little poochy friend:

Groom Your Dog Regularly

Grooming can help in so many ways, and if you properly do that to your Yorkie, you won’t have to worry about getting long hair for them. It includes brushing the fur and some bathing. Grooming for Yorkies includes proper trimming to make it more manageable during the hot season.

Provide Unlimited Access To Cold, Fresh Water

Just like humans, Yorkies rely on water to keep them hydrated. Giving them fresh and cold water can help alleviate the hot summer season and can provide them with a cooling sensation all over their body. Especially after being outside for a while, this can help to cool them down properly.


Shaving is not really up for the table for Yorkies. Experts don’t usually recommend them because it can do more harm to them, especially with their little fragile body. Their coats are there for a reason to stay them cool, especially during the hot season. Remember always to observe your Yorkie’s behavior to keep them happy. A happy Yorkie is a healthy Yorkie.