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What To Look For In A Yorkie ~ When you are planning on getting a new dog, it gives you an exciting feeling. It will make you feel a mixed emotion precisely because you don’t know what you are going into, and you are scared because you don’t know if you will be a good owner. But all that will be gone once they appear in front of you. Be ready because these little creatures can melt your heart.

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To be the best loving parent to dogs, you need to take into consideration the breed’s requirement, behaviors, temperament, ability to adjust in different environments, and if they are friendly, loving creatures. All of these factors can give an impact on your decision when you are planning to get one and the same can be applied when adopting a Yorkshire Terrier or a Yorkie.

A Brief History

The first-ever Yorkshire Terriers were brought to North America in the 1870s. They are originally from the United Kingdom and were named after a region. In the mid-1800s, England was at the top of the Industrial Revolution so miners workers from Scotland will travel to England looking for work. Many of those travelers brought small Terrier dogs with them and used them as a Ratter, a dog who will hunt vermins and rats in the mine.

Also, they are considered to be a parlor dog, companions, and the usual pet for wealthy people. They were able to grow popularity and then became one of the most popular dogs in the 1950s. They ranked the most popular both in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Physical Appearance

If you look into a Yorkie, their traits and physical appearance are distinguishable. The general appearance of an ideal Yorkie includes a long, blue, and tan coat that flows to their body. They also have a compact and well-proportioned body, and a self-assured posture and stance.

Much of these breeds standard relates to their coat – a well-conditioned, quality, and presentation coat. Their average size and body structure ratio matter. They must not be over 7 pounds. An adult Yorkie falls within a 5 – 7 pounds range. They are terriers. After all, they are known to have a lot of confidence, finesse, and spunk.


Generally, Yorkies have a small head and are flat. They don’t have a round skull, and their muzzle isn’t too long compared to other breeds. The teeth should be good and don’t have an overbite. They have a black nose, darker eyes, and their ears are small, pointed, and erect.


One of the important things that a healthy Yorkie should possess is a relatively proportioned body. It needs to be compact, short, and their back should be level.

Legs, Feet, And Tail

The forelegs of a Yorkie are straight, and the hind legs are straight when seen from behind, but their stifles are slightly bent when you see it from the side. They have round feet and black toenails. Their tails are docked and carried slightly higher than their back.


In Yorkie’s standard, the hair has to be a long coat, but this always depends on the owner’s capabilities. If you are in for a dog competition or just want to show off, you can make it long and shiny. It will be a little difficult in terms of maintenance and grooming. You can always cut it off into a puppy cut, a relatively short one.

A Yorkie can grow their coat long enough that it can reach the ground. Without wrapping the hair, it will drag itself to the grown and will be prone to breakage. Wrapping is a process where you wrap a dog’s coat with some wax paper squares to preserve the hair and makes it look beautiful. The texture is another essential thing to look out for in a Yorkie’s hair. The straighter it is, the healthier it looks.


One fantastic thing about Yorkie’s color is their ability to change their coat over the period when they were born, they are usually black and tan. But eventually, when they are adults, it becomes blue, a darker deep steel grey, almost black and bronze in combination.

Their body is blue or black from their back all the way to the neck and to the tip of the tail. And their head is mostly golden brownish, with a richer tan/gold combination on the ears and in their muzzle. Their chest and legs are also tan.

Things To Consider Before Adopting A Yorkie Puppy

In most families, a Yorkshire Terrier is the most popular choice. They are small and have a very playful and friendly demeanor – a perfect house pet and part of the family. They can also be showcased through dog shows as well with their physical qualities and fantastic posture. A Yorkie may come as a small dog, but they have big personalities and a lot of energy.

Aside from that, they may or may not be the right furry friend for you. Regardless of any breed, all dog ownership requires a lot of responsibility with 24-hour care, health bills, and a lot of training.

Yorkies Need Time and Attention

Like most dogs, Yorkie’s love to spend time with their owner. They are the kind of dogs who love to be cuddled with. They love to be on lap whenever you’re sitting or working from home, or sometimes they want to be carried around in your arms or just be near to you as much as possible.

They are the kind of furry that is very curious and active. Do not be surprised that sometimes this dog breed can be a little moody and stubborn. It is the kind of attitude that is imprinted into their genes. As a result, this breed of dogs might not be suitable if you have young children in the house.


When adopting or owning a pet, just like adopting or finding a Yorkshire Terrier, you need to consider their age correctly. Their dog breeders will be able to give you enough information as to when they were born. Age is essential to consider because you need to make sure that they are older than 10 to 12 weeks old. It is crucial because younger puppies should be under their mom for weeks so that their mother will be able to nourish them.

Male Versus Female Yorkies

Once you’re done deciding which breed you would like to adopt, you need to consider if you want a male or a female Yorkshire Terrier. There are a lot of significant differences when it comes to gender. Taking care of a female Yorkie is much more complicated than males because you need to consider their heat cycle, and female Yorkies tend to be very needy and high maintenance.


Yorkie’s coat is a dream to a lot of dog owners, but that will also come across as a nightmare to some. Maintenance of Yorkie’s fur, in general, is a lot – it requires a lot of grooming and brushing to make sure that the coat won’t tangle. It is why some of their owners cut their hair in the shortest possible to avoid this dilemma. Ears and anal glands need to be monitored and check-up by a veterinarian regularly as well as proper vaccinations and yearly health check too.

Grooming is probably the hardest challenge you’ll ever encounter when you own a dog, especially a Yorkshire Terrier dog. They have long, fine, and silky hair that needs constant brushing and grooming. They require some trimming too.

Energy Level

Yorkie’s maybe on a smaller scale, but they have the biggest and mightiest personality for a dog. They have this nonstop energy that was built in them and tends to be very active and jumpy. When they reach their limit, they sleep, but when they are awake, be ready for another jump action.

Vocal and Talkative

This particular breed of dogs is known to be yappy. They love to bark, yaps, and excite people whenever there are people around them. They are very much territorial when it comes to their surroundings and environment, and they can be loud when you overstepped your boundaries. They are very good dog watchers. It will be a bit of a problem if you live in a place where barking should be limited. Then you will have to impose strict training for them.

Training & Living space

Speaking of training, environment, and surroundings, all dogs need to be trained. Even the slightest amount of training is needed to impose discipline. Yorkies are no exception. They need to be trained, housebroken, and need to socialize with other people and dogs too. It requires time and effort, but you’ll be happy in the end if it all goes well.

Yorkies are indoor dogs. They usually get out of the house but tend to come back within a short moment. They are the breed of dogs who are the petite size and should be resting indoors and not outdoors.

Yorkie’s Health

As much as dogs concerned, they don’t live forever. It’s a sad truth most dog owners have to face. Especially Yorkies, their lifespan is about 14 – 16 years. They are prone to knee injuries, dental issues, trachea problems because of their small size, and several common issues. It is why it is important to have a regular checkup, vaccinations, and full grooming to make sure that they are living the best life possible.

As mentioned, they are on a smaller scale compared to regular dogs. They come with tiny bodies, light bones structure which is prone to any accident and can be injured easily by other dogs or humans too. They are very jumpy, and sometimes it can lead to a bad fall.

Always Opt For Adoption Or Local Breeders

It is always recommended to adopt dogs. They are the ones who need a good family and also consider looking for local breeders, they are cheaper than buying one. Contact your local breeders and decide to visit as much as possible. If the list above didn’t provide enough information, some dog breeders could add more information when it comes to hands-on taking care of your dogs.

When adopting or getting one puppy from dog breeders, do not rush things, take as much time you need before getting one because a dog is not a thing that you can disregard at any given time. You are raising and being responsible for another life.

All Yorkies are adorable. They are fun little creatures that just sparks joy and happiness to their owners. They are quite the elegant ones and have come a long way since their first appearances centuries ago. You can never go wrong with this dog, and it shows in their faces when your Yorkie is healthy and happy.

Before you decide on getting a Yorkie or any other dog breed, you need to think about the time and schedule. Always think that you are raising another being and not just another living thing. Yorkies are lovable creatures that demand a lot of attention and love. You need to also check your budget as owning this particular dog can give you a dent in your wallet. They are not the cheap ones to maintain, and grooming can cause you a lot, not to mention their food and regular check-ups.


To conclude, owning any dog can face you in a lot of challenges, physically and financially. They are all worth it. They are adventurous, curious, affectionate, loving, and fun dogs. They will reciprocate all the love you can give them many times more. They are a good partner in crime, too, and a good source of stress reliever.

These are essential things to consider when looking for a Yorkshire Terrier dog, and there are more to come as you go along the way of raising them. The joy and happiness it brings is out of this world and can’t be explained through words. It will change your life for the best.

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